Papilionidae of Pakistan

Atrophaneura Reakirt

Atrophaneura polyeuctes


Northern India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Northern Thailand, Laos Vietnam, Southern China,Taiwan

1. Atrophaneura polyeuctes(Doublerday, 1842)
    English: Common Windmill
Synonyms: Papilio philoxenus (Gray, 1831); Papilio polyeuctes (Doubleday, 1842); Bayasa philioxenus (Moore, 1882); Papilio philioxenus (Rothschild, 1895); Tros philioxenus (Evans, 1932); Polydorus philioxenus (Talbot, 1939); Atrophenura polyeuctes (Smart, 1975); Polydorous pilioxenus (Mani, 1986); Atrophenura polyeuctes (Collins& Morris, 1985)
Description: Wingspan is 110-130 mm. Hind wing of both male and female with three sub marginal red spots in areas 2,3 and 4 (Pt.11A). In area 5 usually a large white spot is formed by the union of discal and sub marginal spot. Tail has a double red spot. Antennae black, palpi thorax and abdomen crimson beneath. Abdomen with a line of black spots along each side. Five subspecies have been described from the world. It was reported by Talbot (1939) from Punch district of Kashmir by Mani (1986) from Northwest Himalaya by Hasan (1994) from Muree, by Hasan (1997) from Northwest Himalaya including Azad Kashmir by Sevela (1999) from Northwest India and Himalaya and by LRI (1999) from Afghanistan through North India. It was now collected from Murree.

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