Papilionidae of Pakistan

Genus: Iphiclides

Iphiclides podalirius


Central and South Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China 

1. Iphiclides podalirius(Linneus 1758)
    English: Scarce Swallowtail, Sail Swallowtail, Pear-tree Swallowtail

Larva on Prunus

Description: The ground colour of both upper and underside is white to pale yellow with black distinctive vertical black stripes (Pt.5). Seven subspecies have been described from the world. It was reported by Collins and Morris (1985) from Pakistan.

Genus: Graphium

Graphium cloanthus

India, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan

2. Graphium cloanthus (Westwood, 1841)

Synonyms: Graphium cloanthus (Rothschild, 1895); Dalchina cloanthus (Moore, 1903); Zetides cloanthus (Evan, 1923); Papilio cloanthus (Fruhstorfer, 1902); Graphium cloanthus (Talbot, 1939)

Description: Wingspan is 85-95 mm. Its forewing is long and painted at the apex; thinly covered with scales. Both sexes have prominent tail on tornal margin of the hind wing, extending from vein 4. It is black with green bands. Their windows are pale blue green with the costa and wing margin broadly boarded with velvet black (Pt.6A). There are four pale green semi-transparent spots on the ternum of the hind wing. Sides of the abdomen are striped longitudinally with pale yellow and black. It is in large numbers during monsoon. The butterflies are stray fliers and congregate in damp patches. Three subspecies have been recorded. It was reported by Talbot (1939) from North India by Mani (1986) throughout the Himalaya by LRI (1999) and Savela (1999) North India by Hasan (1997) from Azad Kashmir. It has now been collected from Margalla Hills.

Graphium doson

India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Laos, Kampuchea, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan

3. Graphium doson (C & R Felder, 1864)

Synonyms: Zetides doson (Moore, 1881); Papilio doson (Jordan, 1909); Zetides doson (Evans, 1923); Papilio doson (Esper, 1801); Graphium doson (Talbot, 1939)
Description: Wingspan is 45-55 mm. Upper side of both male and female with green or grayish white markings. Forewing with 5 cell spots. Hind wing with a discal elongate triangular band (Pt.6B). Male with yellow scent wool reaching to the inner marginal stripe. Abdomen with white lateral line below. Fourteen subspecies have been described from the world. Reports of collection from Karachi showed one specimen from Sind.

Description: Wingspan is 55-70 mm. It is small in size; ground colour well developed. It is not heavily marked with black scaling and its marginal borders are thin. Red centered spots on the fore wings are lacking but there are 2 red spots ringed with black between veins 7 and 8 and veins 4 and 5.(Pt.1C). The female has a carinate pouch. Fore wings with a narrow vitreous margin and the sub marginal spots not well developed. The male is usually with anterior ocelli spots centered with red, while in females both spots are red centered. Sub marginal ring of black spots are reduced to gray scaling in some males. Females are more heavily marked. After fertilization the female has a carinate pouch. About 19 subspecies have been described from the world. It has been reported by Talbot (1939) from Chitral and Kashmir by Collins & Morris (1985) and Mani (1986) from Himalaya, Chitral and Gilgit.

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