Papilionidae of Pakistan

Speciesgroup Polydorus Boisduval

Pachliopta aristolochiae


Afghanistan, India, Sri Lanka, Burma, China, Taiwan, Laos, Vietnam, Kampuchea, Thailand, Malay peninsula, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippinies, Japan Pakistan

1. Pachliopta aristolochiae (Fabricius, 1775)
    English: Common Rose
Synonyms: Papilio aristolochiae (Fabricius, 1775); Papilio dilphilus (Esper, 1792); Aernauta dilphilus (Berge, 1842); Menelaides aristolochiae (de Niceville, 1885); Papilio aristolochiae (Jordan, 1909); Bayasa aristolochiae (Evans, 1923); Papilio aristolochiae (Puri, 1931); Tors aristolochiae (Evans, 1932); PRIVATE Polydorus aristolochiae (Talbot, 1939); Pachliopta aristolochiae (Smart, 1975).
Description: Wingspan is 80-110 mm. Upper side black. Discal area of forewing paler and with well marked pale vein-stripes. Hind wing with a spatulate tail, white discal spots and red sub marginal spots (Pt.11B). Female is paler with broader wings. Over 20 subspecies have been described from the world. It was reported by Rhe-Philip (1917), Puri (1931) and Ahsan and Iqbal (1975) from Lahore by Menesse (1950) from Karachi and lower Sind by Malik (1973) from Karachi and by LRI (1999) from Afghanistan to India.

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