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This document (in the page QS300 Voices) contains a variety of the most important voice data, that are divided into several columns for better intelligibility. It's not possible to describe all voice information, so I decided to mention these: Program number (No.), Voice name, Number of voice elements (El), Voice category or general type of voice (Cat), Voice mode (Mode), Variation effect type (Variation) and Comment pool. If you look at "Sound lists and MIDI data" sheet, this is how Yamaha describes Preset and Factory user voices. In XG Voices table, there's an extra pool Bank number (Bn), that determines the XG Bank number. In some tables, if there is an image in the comment pool, it says, that the voice is taken from another voice set. In QS300 Voices title table, the number next to Voice-set name determines the number of voices in each set.

In the following tables there is the description of the voice categories (Cat) and the variation effect types (Var).

Voice category or general type of voice (Cat)
--(No assignment) BrBrass SeSound Effects
PfPiano RdReed DrDrums
CpChromatic PercussionPiPipe (Woodwinds) ScSynth Comping
OrOrgan LdSynth Lead VoVocal
GtGuitar PdSynth Pad CoCombination
BaBass FxSynth Sound Effects WvMaterial Wave
StStrings/Orchestra EtEthnic Instruments
EnEnsemble InstrumentsPcPercussive Instruments
Variation effect type
01No Effect 16Gate Reverb 31Flanger 3
02Reverb Hall 1 17Reverse Gate 32Symphonic
03Reverb Hall 2 18Reverb Karaoke 133Rotary Speaker
04Reverb Room 1 19Reverb Karaoke 234Tremolo
05Reverb Room 2 20Reverb Karaoke 335Auto PAN
06Reverb Room 3 21Chorus 1 36Phaser 1
07Reverb Stage 1 22Chorus 2 37Phaser 2
08Reverb Stage 2 23Chorus 3 38Distortion
09Reverb Plate 24Chorus 4 39Overdrive
10Delay L,C,R 25Celeste 1 40Guitar Amp Simulation
11Delay L,R 26Celeste 2 413 Band EQ
12Echo 27Celeste 3 422 Band EQ
13Cross Delay 28Celeste 4 43Auto Wah
14Early Reflection 129Flanger 1 44THRU
15Early Reflection 230Flanger 2

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