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The following pages have been written and designed by Patrick Fouque, who was managing his own site about the QS300. Unfortunately his site has been closed down and he kindly allowed us to host his pages.

The content is very useful: you will find a lot of information, including a list of the QS300 sound sets available on the market complete with a detailed description of each voice.

In particular, the Yamaha QS300 Guide is constituted by the following main chapters:

bulletThe QS300 Guide
bulletTechnical specifications
bulletTechnical notes
bulletThe QS300 Voices

To read the relevant pages, click on the hyperlinks above or on the navigation tabs at the top of this page, just under the banner !

To purchase the sound sets listed in the Yamaha QS300 Guide you can surf on the official Yamaha websites, following the links listed in our Yamaha Sites Page. Or you can have a look in our Links Page, under the QS300 Sound Page.