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QS300 Specs
Voiceset NameNo.CommentAuthor
Dance 64Dance sounds from Techno SetNick Howes
Dance Machine 128First dance accessory kit for QS300Peter Krischker
Factory Set 128The basic sound set from YamahaYamaha
Hit Factory 128Sounds for rock & pop productionPeter Krischker
Orchestra 128Base for classic compositions unknown
Pads & Analog 117Ultimate synthetic resources unknown
Power Generator 128Amazing dance & techno soundsJorg Holzammer
Preset Sounds 128Built-in preset sounds (PRE Bank)Yamaha
Public Voices 128Enhanced dance & pop supportunknown
Rave Style 128Updated Dance Machine setPeter Krischker
SFX 128Weird and wonderful sound effectsNick Howes
Synsations 256Experimental vintage sounds K.Bosscher
Synth Heaven 128Huge collection of synth soundsPeter Krischker
Trippy 128Effects and other trippy soundsunknown
Vintage 512Early vintage sounds from 70-80'sK.Bosscher
World Music 108Sounds from distant countries unknown
Xtasy 64Magic synths for ambient & tranceNick Howes
XG Voices 480Basic Yamaha XG voices map Yamaha


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