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Welcome to the QS300
Yamaha QS300 provides all you need to create and perform fully orchestrated and professional-sounding music. The QS300 features an advanced tone generator, plus a comprehensive sequencer for recording and editing your performances. The tone generator of the QS300 provides 954 high-quality voices, full General MIDI and new XG-MIDI compatibility, and three separate digital effects sections for processing the voices. To ensure playback of even the most sophisticated song data, the QS300 also has 16-channel multi-timbral capacity and full 32-note polyphony. The comprehensive, yet easy-to-use functions let you subtly change and customize the voices, or create completely new and unique voices of your own. The sequencer section features 16 tracks for recording your own performances - either in real time or manually (by step recording). Punch-in recording allows you to re-record any portion of an already recorded track. Sophisticated editing functions let you perform various transformations on the recorded data - such as transposing, quantizing, changing note length and velocity, copying, and much more. More than just a performance recorder, the sequencer has flexible and convenient automatic accompaniment functions. These include special phrases and patterns that provide complete backing band parts in a wide variety of musical styles. Plus, these backing parts change harmonically according to the chords you specify. You can even create your own original phrases to be used with the automatic accompaniment. All of this gives you the means to easily create complete and musically appropriate rhythmic/chordal accompaniment in a fraction of the time it would take if you recorded all the parts yourself. The audio connections, the possibility to add several devices and controls and the large graphical display make this synth a real workstation, suitable for virtually all the kinds of music.

Tone Generator
TypeAWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory 2)
Maximum Polyphony 32 notes
System ModuleNormal (XG), TG-B (TG300B)
Multi-timbral CapacitySong mode: 24 (16 for Sequencer + 8 for Pattern tracks)
Pattern mode: 8
VoicesXG: 480, and 11 drum kits
TG300B: 579, and 10 drum kits
Preset: 128
User: 128, and 1 drum kit

TracksSong mode: 19 (Tracks 1-16, Pattern, Chord, Tempo)
Pattern mode: 8 (Tracks 1-8)
Phrase mode: 1
Data CapacityApprox. 86,000 notes
10 Songs
100 Styles x 8 Sections (800 Patterns)
100 User Phrases
Preset Phrases3093
100 Preset Styles x 8 Sections (800 Patterns)
Record ModesRealtime, Step, Punch-in, Edit Insert
Preset Chords28 (including "Thru")
Note Resolution96 clocks/quarter note
Edit modesSong Edit, Phrase Edit
JobsSong: 24
Pattern: 7
Phrase: 15
Song Chain10 Songs
Seq File FormatSMF (Standard MIDI File), ESEQ, QY300

Keyboard61 keys, with initial touch and after touch
Display240 x 64 dot graphic LCD (backlit, contrast control)
External Memory3.5" 2DD/2HD type floppy disk drive
Output LevelPHONES: +7.0 dBm (33 ohm)
Main OUTPUT: +6.5 dBm (10 kohm)
PowerConsumption: 20 W
Requirements: U:120V, OTHER:220~240V
Dimensions (W x D x H)1067 x 371 x 121 mm (42" x 14-5/8" x 4-3/4")
Weight13.0 kg (28 lbs., 10 oz.)
Included AccessoriesFactory & demonstration disk, owner's manual, power cord

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