The Daffodil Garden Fact Sheet
(Prepared by (Alma) Gene Bauer for her visitors)


  • This garden consists of daffodils planted in drifts over the contours of a mountainous terrain covering approximately five acres.  

  • There are paths which lead to eight sitting/viewing areas.

  • It is a private garden which has been designed, personally maintained and financed by Dale Bauer and (Alma) Gene Bauer.  

  • The period of bloom covers a season of six weeks in the Spring.  By nature some bulbs bloom early, some mid-season and some late.  Each flower is in good condition for two weeks -- if not damaged by winter storms.  

  • Gene Bauer has selected and planted every bulb you see.  Dale Bauer assists in the design of the garden with the construction of the paths and bench shelters. 

Here are the answers to your questions:

1.  Over 1,000,000 bulbs have been planted.

2.  There are three to ten flowers per bulb.

3.  The planting has been done for over 46 years.

4.  Some bulbs which were planted in 1958 are still blooming.

5.  No artificial watering.

6.  No fertilizing.

7.  Never dug out and divided.

8.  Deadheading (removing spent flowers) is the only care received.

9.  There are over 500 different kinds planted.

10. All bulbs planted are hybrids.

11.  After clearing and spading the drift area to be planted, The Body sits on the ground and plants each bulb using a hand trowel.

12.  The open period of the garden for public viewing usually includes the last week in March and the first week of April, weather permitting. 

March 2003

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