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Ouote of the Week Old Quotes

"I'm getting too old for this ghost-catching tomfoolery." -Professor E-gadd from Luigi's Mansion

Super Smash Brothers Melee
Monday, December 17 2001, Posted by: Linkster (AIM)

Guess What? I got Super Smash Brohers Melee. It is very fun. The graphics rule! Anyone who hasn't seen them is missing out! The game has videos and movies built into it that you can view. Those videos and movies look almost real. It's about as good as Shrek or the Final Fantasy movie. Check out the full game review here.

N-e-how, I just thought I'd bring up the fact that I got the game. I heard that Ganondorf was a playable character but ou have to earn him. I haven't found him yet. But I will. I will.

Luigi's Mansion, Project Devil Monkey
Friday, December 14, 2001 Posted by: Linkster (AIM)

Hey, how's it going? I just realized that the layout was screwed up. I just fixed it. I hope it worked. I think hits have been up in the past few weeks. Special thanks to all you people who come to this site. You need to get a life.

Also, updates may get skimpy in the next month or so. I am working on "Project Devil Monkey". By the time Project Devil Monkey is complete, this site will be ten times bigger and better than it ever was. Long live the Devil Monkey!

Be sure to look down and read the Luigi's Mansion review. I dare ya'. I double dare ya'.

Anyway, I am thinking of changing the layout and everything along with Devil Monkey.

I'm going to buy Super Smash Brothers Melee for my Gamecube. Gamecubes are cool. My cousin got a PS2. He got the game Splashdown to go with it. That is a fun game. That is a very fun game. Get it if you have a PS2.

I saw an Xbox. It was huge. The Xbox is friekin gigantic. It's bigger than the N64. I like the Gamecube. It's much more compact and easy to store.

Also, I beat Luigi's Mansion. I'm working on beating it a second time, so I'm going to get serious and write a walkthrough for it. I never write those things. I always start them but I never finish. That sucks. Well, I guess I'd better go. I need to work on getting the hits up.

I Got a Gamecube!
Thursday, November 24 2001, Posted by: Linkster (AIM)

WHASSSSSSSUPPPPP? Guess what? I got a Gamecube! Can you people belive that crap? I was so sure that they would be sold out at Wal*Mart but they weren't and I got one for my birthday! Cool. I got Luigi's Mansion to go with it. It is a fun game. I like it. Check out the Luigi's Mansion review HERE!

Also, I hate that loser Link20000 so I'm ditching him from this site forevermore. From here on, may that bastard begone! Heh heh heh. I think I may be getting a new staff member but I'm not for 100% sure.

Well, check out the Luigi's Mansion review and get the heck out of here. I'm joking. Stay as long as you possibly can and tell all your friends that this site exists. Don't write me any e-mails though because you can get Anthrax from just handling the stuff.

Also, Merry Christmas. I'm going to put holiday clothes on this site and make it all pretty for Christmas and the New Year.

Well, I guess I'd better be going. I'm not even on my computer right now. So I suppose I'd better get. Scat. Hit the road. See you l8tr!

My B-day, Junk, I'm Looking for a New Host
Thursday, November 8 2001, Posted by: Linkster (AIM)

I haven't updated in a while so quite a few news articles have accumulated. First of all, I need a new host because I hate Geocities and Geocities hate me. Second, Gamecube is coming in 10 days, on the eighteenth. Go Gamecube! Third, my birthday is coming in 19 days. (Happy birthday to me) Check back regularly. I have been on the lookout for a new host. Tripod sucks. It seems as though it is getting harder to own a commercial free site on the internet every day. I'm fed up with it. Oh well. Kay surah surah. (I think that's how you spell it.) Obla-di-obla-da.

Gamecube Screenshots
Monday, October 15, Posted by: Linkster (AIM)

Dear Prudence! I have a whole bunch of new screenshots from the Gamecube!

Check this out. It is Link and Bowser from Super Smash Brothers Melee.
Link is kicking some Koopa ass!

These are from Waverace: Blue Storm for GC.

Waverace again

I hope to get a few more in the GC section soon, but 4 now, c ya!

Thursday, October 11, Posted by: Linkster (AIM)

Okay, Link20000 is an idiot. But enough about him, let's talk about Zelda. Zelda Gamecube's storyline has changed. That whole thing about Zelda going to Hell is a fat lot of rubbish. Why would Zelda go to Hell anyway? Isn't she religious? She has Tri-forces stamped all over Hyrule so she sure as hell must be.

N E way, this site has gone to pot.

Well, I think that covers everything. I need BADLY to update but I'm lazy and haven't gotten a lot done. But N E way, gotta go!

Short Update
Monday, October 8, Posted by: Link_20000 (AIM)

Hey Everyone. I just saw that Linkster didnt make any updates that are anything, so I decided I would write about Zelda for Gamecube. From what I saw, It is going to be a neat game. Good graphics, good sound, and as far as story line goes, I dont yet know it. I havent been to in forever, so I havent the faintest what it will be. Someone said that Zelda somehow went to Hell, and Link wants to save her but the only way to get her back is to go there and avoid all of the danger. That would really make a good storyline for a zelda game, wouldnt it? I think so. Well, it is almost time for me to go, and I want to see what has up for it's storyline. L8er evry1.

Short Update
Monday, October 1, Posted by: Linkster (AIM)

Hello hello hello. I have very little time because I'm at school so I'll make this snappy. Hmmmmmmmm,... Not much to say is there? I had to update though to keep my hits up. Well, I guess I'll go.

New Affiliates; New updates
Thursday, September 20, Posted by: Linkster (AIM)

We got two new affiliates! Ice Temple and Gamecube Cafe. Check them out!

Also, I am still looking for staff members. Two staff members isn't enough. Check out the job openings page to look at the different openings you can apply for.

I really need to get the hits on this site up. When I moved the site my hits dropped BAD and I can't seem to get them back up. If you have any suggestions, e-mail them.

I also need to finish the site. There are a few broken links here and there and some pages where the layout isn't up to date. Also there are some pictures that don't show up. These are all results of the move.

Anyway, just checking up. Need to get to working on the broken links and messy pages!

New Stuff; Terrorist Updates
Wednesday, September 19, Posted by: Linkster (AIM)

Okay, I wrote three or four people about affiliation. I have no idea if they are going to reply or not. I also joined a new topsite list. I have no idea if I'm ever gonna rank or not.

I haven't done much updating lately and there are many pages I need to update and fix. It probably won't be long now. I'm going to knuckle down and get this done.

The reason some of this has taken so long is because Geocities doesn't support SSI and it is slowing me down a buttload.

In other news, Gamecube will be out in November.

Also, many new things have come up about the terrorist attacks. They have pulled many survivors from the rubble but some things don't look that good. America has gone to war and more buildings collapsed after the bombings.

I will keep you posted on the latest site news and the news about the bombings. Until next time, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.

God Bless America!

Tuesday, September 11, Posted by: Linkster (AIM)

As probably everyone in America know by now, three New England states were attacked today by terrorists. There were four passenger airplanes that were hi-jacked and flown into different buildings. Two were flown into the World Trade Center buildings in Manhatton, one into the Pentagon in Washington DC, and one crashed near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Shortly after the attacks, BOTH of the World Trade Center buildings collapsed. On an average day, there are about 10,000 workers in each building every day. That will give you an idea of how much damage has actually been done.

Because of these disasters, the Grammys and Latin music award shows have been cancelled. Many major theme parks throughout the U.S. have closed down and there is not a single airplane flying anywhere in the U.S. They will not fly again until it has been confirmed safe. Some of the ones that were flying during the time of these attacks have landed in bases in Canada until U.S. skies are safe. The White House has been evacuated. Many schools have closed. The Stock Market has shut down because of the damage done to the World Trade Center.

In the Middle-east, the Palistinians are partying over the U.S. losses.

Although no one yet has any proof or info on who might have done this, there are suspicions. It is a real shame. So many people have died today. We can only hope and pray that everything gets as close back to normal as it can as fast as it can. I think that I'll be signing off now. ***---___

Gameboy Advance
Friday, August 31, Posted by: Linkster (AIM)

Well, I've had my Gameboy Advance for quite a while now. I like it. If you haven't bought one, do it! Nintendo's getting a little free advertisement. But, GBA has excellent graphics. It is only 32-bit, but it looks way cooler than the Super Nintendo games. Nintendo is more experienced with video game making now I think. Well, just thought I'd say that. I need to go cause I'm at school and this period is about to end. I'm sneaking the internet. I'm not supposed to be on it at all. I just am. SHHHHHH..... DOn't tell no one. C ya'!

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