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Full Story
The Zelda games are very out of order. The second Zelda game on NES was actually the last chapter in the saga. Ocarina of Time was the first (so far). This page is here to un-mix the story of Zelda and put in order from the bottom up. If you don't agree with this theory of how the legend went, and you have another idea of the story, send it to me and I will post it!

The Beginning-

The Three Goddesses, the goddess of Power, the goddess of Courage, and the goddess of Wisdom created Hyrule. Before leaving their new land, they created a symbol so that the people of Hyrule could forever feel their presence: the Tri-force. They created six distinct races on Hyrule. The Gorons on Death Mountain, the Shieka at the foot of Death Mountain, the Zora of the waters, the black-hearted Gerudo, the Kokiri in the woods, and the Hylians right in the center of Hyrule in Hyrule Field. There were seven sages but not even they knew the exact location of the Tri-force. The Tri-force was an inanimate object, so it didn't know what it was doing, but a verse from a sacred Hyrulian book, the book of Mudora made people greedy for the Tri-force. The verse goes like this:

In a realm beyond sight,
the sky shines gold, not blue.
There, the Tri-force's might,
makes mortal dreams come true.

A sage named Rauru built the Temple of Light to guard the entrance to the sacred realm from thieves and greedy people in search of the Tri-force. He built a seal that could be opened only by a worthy person with certain items. Gannondorf Dragmire, however, found out he could get in if he had three sacred stones- one held by the Gorons, one held by the Zora, and one held by the Kokiri. Gannondorf attempted to get these stones by infesting the Goron cave with monsters, making the Zora lord go crazy and eat the princess, and poisoning the Deku Tree of the Kokiri. He also needed the magical Ocarina of Time to open the seal, so he went to the king of Hyrule to try to find which member of the royal family had the Ocarina. Gannondorf was sure he would succeed, but...

Ocarina of Time-

In the Kokiri forest, a young boy named Link dreamed a horrible nightmare. This nightmare would haunt his dreams for nights to come. It was of a young girl and a woman riding off on a horse and an ugly green evil man trying to chase them.
Link was unlike the rest of the Kokiri. All of the Kokiri except him had guardian fairies. One day, after a nightmare about the evil man, a fairy named Navi came to Link. She took him to the Kokiri guardian tree, the Deku Tree. The Deku Tree spoke of a curse. A curse upon himself. Link was the only one who could get the curse away, so he went inside the Deku Tree and destroyed the source of the curse. But it was too late for the Deku Tree...
In his dying breath, the Deku Tree told Link to go to the Princess of Hyrule. He also gave hima green gem. Link did as he was told and went to the princess. She said she was scared of her father's friend, Gannondorf. She knew he was a traitor. She told Link to get the other two gems at Death Mountain and at Zora's Domain. He did, and when he returned to give them to her, he saw the image of his dream. Zelda through the Ocarina of Time to Link. Link got it and went to the Temple of Time to play the Song of Time. It opened up the door to where the Master Sword was.
When Link grasped th Master Sword, he was put into a seven year sleep. When he awoke seven years later, he was an adult and in front of him was a sage named Rauru. Rauru told him that he was the "Hero of Time", but he had been put into a seven year sleep because when he grasped the Master Sword, he was too young to be the Hero of Time and only the Hero of Time can get the Master Sword.
Hyrule was nothing like Link had known it. It was a barren world of monsters and demons now. Link set out to find the five imprisoned sages: Saria the Kokiri, Darunia the Goron, Ruto the Zora, Impa the Sheikah, and Nabooru the Gerudo. Princess Zelda and Rauru were the sixth and seventh, but Rauru lived in the Temple of Light and Zelda lived in hiding. When Link had rescued the imprisoned sages, he went to battle Gannondorf. He killed Gannondorf. But when the castle crumbled, a creature mightier than Gannondorf arose from the ashes: Ganon. Ganon was Gannondorf, only Gannondorf had used the Triforce to power himself up. But he bought time and the seven sages magically sealed him in the Golden Land. This became known as the Imprisoning War.

Majora's Mask-

After the Imprisoning War, Zelda used the Ocarina of Time to turn Link back into a kid. Then, Link set out on a new journey.
No more than a couple of months after the Imprisoning War, Link went to find Navi, whom he'd lost in the battles. On his way through the Lost Woods, Link stumbled across a jungle Imp named Skull Kid. He had two fairies with him. Their names were Tatl and Tael. He was also wearing a mask. He stole Link's Ocarina of Time and his horse and took off with them. When Link chased him down, he found himself under Skull Kid's curse, for he was turned into a Deku Scrub. He went after Skull kid and found himself stranded in a dark room with Skull Kid's second fairy, Tatl. Tatl agreed to help him until they found Skull Kid. When Link opened the door that Skull Kid had escaped to, he found himself in a whole new world. The people looked the same, but his new adventure was a totally new one.
He came across the Happy Mask Salesman from Hyrule who told him that in three days he would need the mask back that the Skull Kid stole. He also said that if Link got back the Ocarina, he could heal him back into a kid. So Link found Skull Kid and got back the Ocarina but not the mask. He went back and found the Happy Mask Salesman and he turned him bck into a kid. BUt Link's advetures were nowhere near over because in three days, the moon would crash into Termina and he had to find that mask and his horse. So, he set out on a quest.
Since he only had 3 days, he would need the Ocarina to keep reliving the same three days over and over again until his quest was complete. After picking up the four masks of the guardian spirits, he went to face Skull Kid for the last time. When he got there, he called on the guardian spirits to hold the moon up while he worked on stopping Skull Kid, but Skull Kid fainted and the mask he was wearing, Majora's Mask, floated up and brought the moon to life on its own. The moon ate Link and took him into a whole new world. It looked like his childhood. Children played hide-and-seek around a tree, but these were no ordinary kids, they wore the masks of the four guardian spirits. The one in the center, the fifth one, the outcast, he wore Majora's Mask. Link talked to the four kids and played hide-and-seek with them to get a mask called the Fierce Diety's Mask. Then Link battled Majora himself. Majora was a vicious demon. But Link pulled it off. After saving Clock Town from the moon, Link went back to Hyrule, saying goodbye to all his new friends, hoping to see them again someday.

Between Majora's Mask and A Link to the Past-

The King of Hyrule owned the Tri-force. But, he died and the Tri-force was hidden away and only one person knew who it was. It was Zelda. The Prince of Hyrule was soon to be king but he wanted to know where the Tri-force was being stashed at. He questioned Zelda but she said nothing, so an evil magician threatened to put her into an eternal sleep if she didn't talk, but she still did not tell them. So the magician began casting a spell. The prince tried to fight him off but Zelda fell asleep and the magician also died. In his grief the prince locked Zelda away in a sacred chanber and hoped that one day she would be ressurected. He also ordered that every female born into the royal family be named Zelda.
Link died of natural causes eventually, I presume.
Years later, Hyrule started going downhill plagues and famines threatened Hyrule. A wandering wizard named Agahnim came and stopped the chaos. The King liked Agahnim and decided to befriend him because he had stopped the madness. When the king trusted Agahnim, Agahnim slayed the king. Agahnim ruled secretly for a while and no one knew it but Zelda (The daughter of the previous Zelda).

A Link to the Past-

A descendant of Link whose name was also Link, slept in his bed at home. Suddenly, he saw a girl in what he thought was a dream. But it was a telepathic message from Princess Zelda. She was calling on Link to help her because Link was a descendant of the Hero of Time. When Link awoke, he saw his uncle getting ready for battle. He told Link not to leave the house until he got back. Knowing the message was for him and not his uncle, Link waited until his uncle was out of the house and crept off into the night.
When he got to the palace, he found his uncle badly wounded. His uncle, knowing the message was for Link and that he could not go on like this, gave Link a sword and a shield and taught him how to use it quickly. Then, Link set off to talk to the Princess. She told him that he needed the Master Sword, but to get it, he needed three pendants. After getting them, he went to the Lost Woods and pulled th Master Sword from its pedestal. Then he set off to save the descendants of the seven sages because Agahnim was out to get them. When he had completed that, he went to battle Agahnim. When he got there, he fought him as best as he could and after defeating him, he found that Agahnim was really a bent-on-revenge Gannon! Gannon went to his hideout at Death Mountain and Link went there and slayed Gannon with the Master Sword.

Between A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening-

Order had been restored to Hyrule. But the people of Hyrule were still weary of their fate. Rumors started spreading and gossip started breaking loose. The citizens started asking each other things like, "What kind of horrible things could rise from Gannon's ashes?"
Link was also weary. He looked for signs of Gannon's return. He finally crept away from Hyrule in search of wisdom and enlightenment. He climbed aboard a ship and left. After sharpening his skills in a distant land, he started back toward Hyrule, ready to face his next challenge but on the way back, he was caught in a storm and his ship was blown to splinters after being struck by lightning. Link clung to a piece of driftwood and hoped for the best...

Link's Awakening-

Link woke up in a nice warm bed. He looked up to see Zelda standing over him. But, wait a minute, that's not Zelda! It was a girl named Marin. She lived with her father, Tarin. Tarin gave Link his shield back and told him he was on Koholint Island and that after he had arrived, a lot of monsters started appearing. Link went to the beach to retrieve his sword and when he got there, an owl floated down and told him about a monster that lived in an egg on top of the island's central mountain called the Wind Fish and that the only way Link could ever leave the island was if he woke the Wind Fish up. He said to do that he would have to retrieve the eight instruments of Siren thats had been scattered throughout the island by monsters. Link later learned that Koholint Island was a dream of the Wind Fish and that he was part of that dream. He learned that the monsters that guarded the instruments of siren were called Nightmares because they haunted the Wind Fish's dream. Link feared that if he woke the Wind Fish up that the island would vanish like a bubble on the head of a pin, but he had no choice. So he collected the eight instruments and went and played them with the magical Dream Ocarina. It made a hole in the side of the egg and Link entered. He battled eight shadows and woke the Wind Fish up. Then, before he knew it, he was out on a piece of driftwood and the Wind Fish was flying away. Link knew it was for the best, but he was still sad that all of his friends on the island were gone.

Between Link's Awakening and The Legend of Zelda-

For some unknown reason, Link never returned to Hyrule. Instead, he made a home in a far away land called Calatia. He married and had kids and eventually died of natural causes. Decades later, a member of Link's bloodline, Arn, married and had a kid. He named the kid after his great, great uncle Link. So this new Link was the third known person to have that name.
Link was skilled in swordplay as he grew up and went to school. Eventually, he left the small town of Calatia in search of adventure, friends, and romance. He left on a ship and wound up in a land called Hyrule. As he walked across the landscape of his new home, he saw a lady being attacked by Moblins. He destroyed them. The lady thanked him and told him that her name was Impa (She was a member of the original Impa's bloodline). She also told him that she had been sent by Princess Zelda (A descendant of the previous Zelda, obviously) to find someone corageous but with enough heart to pull off the task of stopping Gannon from taking over (Gannon had kept himself alive all these years using the Triforce of Power). She told him that he had stolen the Tri-force of Power (Gannon had been ressurected by his men, who used the Tri-Force of Power to do it) and that he had tried to steal the Tri-force of Wisdom, but Zelda ripped it into eight pieces and hid each piece inside of a different dungeon in Hyrule. But she needed someone more wise and courageous than Gannon so that they could find it before him and bring it back to use it against Gannon, so she had sent Impa to find such a person, so Impa chose Link. Link agreed. He started on his quest to find the eight pieces of Wisdom and return them to Zelda. He searched high and low and battle tons of monsters but he finally found all eight pieces. He then scaled Death Mountain and entered Gannon's hideout. His maze was bigger than any of Zelda's but Link managed to find map. He also found a Silver Arrow inside of one of the rooms in the temple. After searhing, he finally found Gannon's room. He entered and Gannon popped out of nowhere and then dissappeared again. Gannon was invisible, but he was still running around the room punching Link where Link couldn't see him. Link started swinging his sword wildly and finally got a stab at Gannon. Gannon was hurt and in his pain, he was too weak to stay invisible. Link decided to put the Silver Arrow to the test and he shot Gannon. Gannon melted to ashes and Link retrieved the Tri-Force of Power. He went to the next room where he found Zelda. He rescued her and they lived happily ever after. Well almost...

Between The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link-

Link was not himself. He was terrified of Gannon returning and he was always jittery. Everywhere he went, he looked for signs of Gannon's return but found them nowhere. Then, about two weeks before his sixteenth birthday, a sign of the Tri-Force appeared on the back of his hand. He asked Impa what it meant and she told him it meant he held the Tri-Force of courage. She said he was the chosen one and she told him the tale of the Ancient Zelda who had been put to sleep by a magician and she had been magically sealed in a tomb by the prince who hoped she would come back to life. (Remember her?) Impa said that Link needed to put six magical stones or something in their places in the six temples of Hyrule. Then, he could awaken the ancient Zelda. He did as he was told, but then he found himself in a battle with something totally unexpected, his own shadow! He defeated it and woke the ancient Zelda.

After The Adventure of Link-

Then, out of nowhere, stupid ol' Gannon comes wreaking havoc again. Gannon and Link fought and fought, but no one knows quite how it ended. Maybe Link was killed and Gannon took over? Or maybe Link killed Gannon and they all lived happily ever after? Until that is explained in another chapter of the legend, we may never know.

- Linkster

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