Well, come to my home page.
It is good to have visitors, yes.
Perhaps you are a friend.  Or, perhaps you are a visitor who wishes to become a friend.  All are welcome.  You see, I am a guest here, myself.  It is through the generosity of Yahoo! geoCities that I am able to utilize this space.  As well, it is through the generosity of Mother Earth that Yahoo! is able to utilize this space and subsequent systems and facilities.
We owe much to the very ground we walk on, the air we breathe, and the water we utilize for drink, for plants, and for cleansing our selves, and yet how often do we take for granted this plentiful substance by wasting it or polluting it?
   But, let me not get political!  At least not before we eat.
Come.  Let us partake of some punch and cookies. Yummm!
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Keen stuff & places that I choose to cruise and peruse.
Taos Pueblo
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Reality Check
a "reach-out" for someone who has been "touched"
Garden Party
The Unlikely Duckling
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Ron rants!
Poetry:  lust, betrayal, loss, barren, life, re-building, love, revenge?, lesson.
Teen Ager
Skeptics Wanted:
a gathering to listen, to be listened-to, hear a different Beatitudes  message, un-learn
Footprints in the Sand parody
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