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PALMC 2003 Board of Trustees
Congratulations to the incoming Board of Trustees for taking on the challenge. Their term starts on November 2003. Our heartful thanks to the outgoing board led by Dom Gaduco and Jo Abian. Through them and the club threaded on new grounds keeping the spirit of PALMC alive.
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Mt. Lobo in 2003
By: Dom Goduco
PALMC recently held its inaugural climb for the year 2003 at Mt. Lobo in Lobo, Batangas. The affair was attended by over 50 participants, inclusive of guests, members, initiates, and our host---the Batangas Backpackers


Palaui Island
By: Dom Goduco
Palaui Island has been said to be where Mt. Banahaw, Batanes and Boracay are put into one place. It lies on the northeastern most tip of Luzon. Its coastline is a combination of rocky cliffs and white-sand beaches full of dry corals. Designated as a marine sanctuary, flora and fauna abound in great variety and strangely the marine life seems to be more eager in welcoming visitors to the island than its human residents.


PALMC 2003 Schedule

New Destinations!!
Awesome Expeditions!!
And Classic Treks!!
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PALMC EnviroCom Report; EARTH DAY 2002
By: Elmer C. Cabotage – OIC PALMC EnviroCom In celebration of Earth Day 2002, the Philippine Airlines Mountaineering Club conducted a coastal clean-up and survey of Taal Volcano’s South Peak last Saturday, April 20, 2002. The event was organized by PALMC’s Environment Committee in cooperation with Taal Lake Yacht Club (TLYC) owner Commodore Peter Capotosto to map out a possible mid-term joint venture to address Taal Volcano Island’s garbage problem brought about by the increasing commercial tourism.


Climbing with Two OMs (Old married men? Old maids? Operations managers?)

There is significance in climbing a relatively unknown trekking destination in Rizal that barely made it as a mountain by cartographers? definition: Susong Dalaga of Talim Island Cardona Rizal 438 M ASL.


Get In to Get Out Tirad Pass

You've heard of many types of climbs. There's a fun climb where the difficulty in trekking is overwritten by the extent of the fun. Some clubs have diagnostics differentiating those with potentials and those who are better off left behind in the malls.


Green view, cool weather, full blue moon, quiet moments Tirad Pass

A mouthful for a title but that's how it was tracking the path of Tirad Pass on the last day of 2001. When the rains have watered the mountains at the 3rd and 4th quarter of the year, the flora shows off its lush greenery at this time of the year giving a refreshing green view.

Green view ... FULL STORY

By Vincent Balagot

The sun shone through the windshield of Dope's Honda CRX. But it didn't wake us up. We slept nary a wink the whole night inside his car--it was too cold, too cramped and too uncomfortable yet the day's beginning filled us with glee seeing how beautiful the weather was. A perfect day to bag a peak. Little did we know it'll turn into glum at the end of the day.

Lone Pine Peak FULL STORY

Malayo Man, Malapit Din Guiting Guiting
Ni Rina Tiangco

Umaga?t uulan-ulan, aambon-ambon, papatak-patak. Sa loob ng tent ay hihikab-hikab, nagtaklob, salamat at hindi yata kami tutuloy tuwang daing ng mga lamang nananakit. "Gising at aalis tayong alas otso."

Malayo Man Malapit Din FULL STORY

Achieving a Sense of Accomplishment in a Climb

Let me tell you of an adventure that brought us trekking from Makalama, a sitio of Barlig, Ifugao up to Mount Amuyao at 2,628 Meters ASL down to the Bangaan and Batad junction in 20 walking hours in 3 days.

Accomplishment FULL STORY

Mt. Kinabalu

Sabah is blessed to host Mt. Kinabalu. That imposing mountain served as a channel to see the best not only in the natural resources, the plant and animal species but in human resources as well.

Mt. Kinabalu FULL STORY

The spirit that conquered Mount Mandalagan
Manila Times Nov. 12 thru Val Roque
Some 200 members of the Mountaineers Federation of the Philippines, Inc. converged in Bacolod City last October 16 for a week-long adventure. The objective: to conquer Mount Mandalagan.

Mandalagan FULL STORY

A Weekend in Nature?s Bosom (Susong Dalaga, Talim Island)
By Bob Tongco

I never imagined I?d be on top of a peak named after a woman?s most noticeable body feature. Definitely not on the third weekend of February, only a few days after Valentine?s. The mountain was Susong Dalaga, the highest point on Talim Island, which is in the middle of Laguna de Bay.

Susong Dalaga FULL STORY

Climbing and Logging In
(A Tribute To The 1999 Philippine Webby Awards Nominees)
What's common between a trekker and a web designer/IT person?

PALMC International 20th Anniversary Climb at Mt. Whitney

Celebrate with us! We have conquered Mt. Whitney through strong winds (brrr), cardiac switchbacks (hika, hika) and rough trails (ouch) work. Mt. Whitney was our "end of the millennium high" and for next year, to welcome the new millennium, we are heading to Mt. Rainier or Mt. St. Helens in Washington state. So spread the word to everyone............September
2000 in the Cascades!

Mt. Whitney FULL STORY

Traversing Makiling

We just traversed Mt. Makiling from Sto. Tomas to Los Baņos this weekend in the company of able climbers TJ, Danny and Larry. It's a five-hour trek on the first day highlighted by a tall wall, which you scale against strong typhoon winds overlooking a deep ravine right below

Traversing Makiling FULL STORY

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