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Welcome to, The Time Machine, DIY Guide In 1895 a story was introduced to the world which described
the journey of one man and his incredible invention, written
by the renowned author H.G Wells it was later recreated as
a motion picture in 1960 and again in 2002. The Time Machine
has influenced a generation of thinkers and dreamers and
its mystery continues to inspire new fans around the world.
Hello, my name is Peter and I am an avid dreamer,



  • Full Size Machine - MGM, Time After Time 1979 - Malcolm McDowell..
  • Creative Article - How I made my scratch built Time Machine model..
  • Wallpapers - download a selection of Time Machine images for your desktop..
  • Technical - Information on the Berninghaus "Hercules" Barber Chair, 1901..
  • Technical - The Original Time Machine Restoration back in 1979..

  • Creative at Home- Paper Cut-Out Model

    Paper Cut-Out Model

    Here is an interesting challenge for you to try, its a paper cut-out
    based on the Pal machine. Print out the sections onto thick paper in
    sections and assemble each piece separately before joining it all
    together. Use PVA (White Glue) sparingly and take your time cutting
    it out, so you will need a little patience with this, if your paper is to
    thin the model wont stand well so thin card would be best..

    Download Here (Zipped)

    Custom Design - Time Machine Model, by Doktor A

    Time Machine, by Doktor A

    Don Coleman has posted some very cool pictures of a new model
    created by 'Doktor A', you can see some large images by clicking
    the thumbnail above, or you can visit the authors website (Below)
    for more original creations..

    Time After Time 1979 - Full Size Machine, "The Argo"

    Time After Time 1979

    Check out the new "Time After Time" page with pictures from the film,
    plus images of the Argo and a very nice console (Pictured Above)..

    Click Here to Continue

    Rare Collectible - Tomland, Morlock Figures - 1977

    Morlock Figures Morlock Figures Morlock Figures
    Click To Enlarge

    A curiosity from the past, the company "Tomland" (AKA Combex)
    created these 8' inch Morlock figures back in the mid 70's including
    other Aliens and Monsters such as Harryhausens Cyclops and the Fly,
    they are extremely rare to find carded.

    Scratch Built - The Mad Monk's Model Machines

    Mad Monks Model Machines

    The Mad Monk has created scale models of both the 1960 machine and
    the new 2002 version, on top of all that he has created a whole bunch of
    Time travel related scratch built models including Doctor Who's Tardis
    and a Darlek. Visit his site link below..

    Full Size Pal Machine - Don Coleman

    Don Coleman's Time Machine

    Don built his full size replica some time ago, not only is he extremely
    passionate but he has the largest dedicated Time Machine website
    out there. In fact if it wasn't for Don's efforts maintaining his site
    many TM enthusiasts may have never come to realize their own dream,
    including myself. So if you haven't been there, click the link below..

    Full Size Pal Machine - John Rigg

    John Rigg's Time Machine

    John has built not only a full size machine but a large number of other
    replica science fiction items, including a life size Robbie the Robot!.
    Visit the page link below and scroll down for an incredible project list..
    There is a short demonstration video of his Time Machine in action,
    you can find it on his video page, note that his console controls both
    directions of the dish. Very nice!

    Full Size Pal Machine - Heinz Westerweller

    Heinz Westerweller's Time Machine

    Heinz has been constructing his full size George Pal Time Machine
    for some time now, he has all of the major parts already assembled and
    it he doesn't look to far from finishing. There is a lot to see on his website
    with a number of construction pictures, the site link below has been
    translated by Google from German to English..

    Full Size Pal Machine - Carl Piermarini

    Carl Piermarini's Time Machine

    Carl spent 5 years and little over 800us dollars building his full size
    George Pal Time Machine, he done an amazing job and its well worth
    checking out his dedicated web page. Its a great read and very inspired..

    Creative Article - My Scratch Built Time Machine Model

    My Scratch Built Time Machine Model

    With only a handful of basic tools and materials i was able to create
    a beautiful little working model. Click Here To Continue..

    The Delorean Time Machine - Rook's guide to Contruction

    The Delorean Time Machine

    Ever wanted a replica of the Delorean Time Machine as seen in the movie
    trilogy series, "Back to the future" ?, well maybe you can build your own
    with a bit of know how.. Check out Rook's Tutorial page.. Fantastic!..

    H.G Wells
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