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I'm MacGee. I am so glad that you could stop by to visit. This is my first web site, and I am very excited about it. It was very hard to decide what to put on my pages, so after much thought, I decided to dedicate them to the very COOL computer came of Creatures. My site will be for the Macintosh version.

I will have links to some great sites (Mac & PC), some Norns for downloading, tips & tricks, and also some utilities to use with the game.


These pages will be updated frequently, so come back often.

Here are a few of my favorite Creatures sites


  • Amanda's Huge Page of Links-The name says it all!
  • Cyberlife-The company that started it all
  • Mindscape-They brought Creatures to the U S
  • The Creatures Exchange-P C format Norns, but Mac people can convert them.
  • cjk's Creatures Site-Mac site with utilities and some Norns
  • Norn & Grendel Paradise-A very nice site. Lots of Norns to download.
  • Frimlin's Kiwi Creatures-Lots of COBS from several different authors. A very nice site.
  • The Creatures Forum-Check this site out for any of your Creatures questions
  • Norns and Friends-A new site. Has lots of information on Creatures 2 for the Mac. Yes that's what I said for the Mac.
  • Norns Extravaganza-I think this is a new site. They have cobs, norns, links, and they give away an award. Very nice!
  • Mac 'N' Stuff-This is Sally's Mac Page. She has Mac Creatures items (including cobs), Heroes of Might and Magic, and also other items for Mac. An excellent site. Check it out!
  • Creatures Shack-This is Spirit's site and it is really a good one! It's for PC, but check it out anyway.
  • Sarah's Creatures-This is a brand new Creatures site for the Mac version. It is in the process of growing and shows a lot of promise. Check it out!
  • Norn Tales-This is Sarah's other site that will have an ongoing Norn story. Again it is a brand new site.
  • Adventures In Nornsitting-This site is great! Lots of C2 stuff and Petz 3 items I think there is a C1 section as well.
  • Albian Gardens-A very nice site. They have C1 & C2.
  • Creatures Jungle-C1 & C2. An excellent site!
  • Orchid's Creatures Gardens-C1 & C2. Very Nice!
  • Palace Of The Evil Shee-This site has everything! The site belongs to one of the Co-authors of Terra Nornia. Lis Morris.
  • Sharon's Creatures Village-She has a very nice C1 section.
  • Where's The Cob?-If you're looking for cobs, this is the place to go. He has everything imaginable for C1 and C2.
  • Norns Of Our Albia-There is a small section for C1, but the C2 section is awsome! This is a very nice site! Check it out!
  • Albia: Home Of The Norn-This is strictly a Creatures 2 site. But if you are fortunate enough, to have C2, it is well worth checking out.
  • MacNorns-Sandy has moved her site here. It is archived right now, but someone else is going to take it over so look for updates soon!
  • Creatures World-This is a new site. It is for the Mac version. This site shows allot of promise.

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