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PCVIC - Upgrade your PC to a VIC-20!

Project started: 31 Jul 1996
Latest emulator version: V1.19/Mark 33F, 2 Aug 1998
Last page update: 2 Aug 1998

Stop the Europe software patent law!

System requirements:



PCVIC 1.19 Beta is now available! I've had mixed reports when using the joystick in Windows '95, but I've released it anyway because I've waited with the release long enough, and I'm going on vacation tomorrow. The main new feature is joystick support with experimental slow movement emulation.

PCV System snapshot specifications now available.

Version 1.14 is now available. I have found a video mode setup bug, present in all previous versions of PCVIC, the result of a wrong interpretation of a BIOS function. It results in garbage (stripes + blinking characters) on some video BIOSes. I first thought this was a register compatibility problem, but I finally found a proper test case and have been able to examine the problem more closely.

Changes since Version 1.13:

Changes since V1.12B:

Right now I'm working on joystick support. I've finally got my hands on a working gameport and joystick. Sorry for everyone who's been waiting for this; my time has been short, since I've been busy finishing my studies at last. With a bit of luck, though, I'll take a vacation next month; I should be able to take a few days off to finish joystick support. As soon as I have anything that works, I will release it. Right after that, I wish to include:

I've also found out that switching between the Vic screen and the menus sometimes causes irritating clicking on some modern monitors. I will try to remedy this asap by (optionally) using a special video mode for the menu screens.

The emulator

You will also need the Vic-20 system ROMs to use the emulator: You can also find them on ftp.funet.fi.

If that doesn't work for you, here are some old versions:

If you want to know where to get programs, check out the links section. If you have questions or problems concerning downloading stuff or Vic20<->DOS transfer, take a look at the section on file transfer.

PCV snapshot specifications

PCVSP100.ZIP Specifications version 1.00. The ZIP contains the following files: pcvhead.txt and pcvdump.txt.

Joystick support not working?

If PCVIC's native joystick support somehow won't work, there are some programs that are able to map joystick movement onto keyboard events.

Boris van Schooten

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