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How to Discourage Ridership

There are many ways to discourage transit ridership and promote the use of the automobile.  Here is a list of some of the ways that different groups or agencies can do their part in promoting the use of the automobile, especially the single occupant vehicle.


Local Governments

  • Do not allow the transit district to install bus stops in areas where they are needed.
  • Always insist that all buses only use certain streets.


Highway and Road Departments

  • Force buses to stay off of the best roads.
  • Require the bus stops to be totally out of the way of all traffic.  This slows the buses down so discourages people from riding.


Transit Management

  • Never replace old equipment.
  • Never update routes to reflect changes in demographics.
  • Create passenger unfriendly fares.
  • Allow schedules to get old and unrealistic.
  • Force passengers to transfer too many times.
  • Make no attempt to accommodate transfers between different routes and systems.
  • Put either too many or too few stops on a given route.
  • Waste money on things other than service, or directly supporting the service on the road.
  • Do not provide any form of public schedule information.


Transit Workers

  • Have a bad attitude.
  • Do "your own thing" all the time.
  • Never attempt to keep the schedules.
  • Refuse to pick up passengers.
  • Drive poorly.



  • Always build plenty of auto parking.
  • Do not allow employees to adjust their work hours to reflect transit schedules.
  • Always insist on employees driving to off site meetings.
  • Build you building in such a way that parking is always more convenient than the nearest transit stop.
  • Pick sites for offices that are not served and cannot be served by transit.


Transit Riders

  • Be obnoxious.
  • Make lots of noise.
  • Delay the bus.
  • Always take up as many seats as possible, after all you are paying for them.


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