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When you're sorting out your money each week, don't forget to give yourselves
some pocket money. My hubby and I get $20 pocket money each a week and
anything we want we have to pay for out of that. If hubby wants to
buy lunch at work he uses that money etc. That way if there's something
you want that costs more than $20 you have to save for it until you
have the money to buy it.
~Nedwol EMC~

I use the envelope system - when it comes to shopping, fuels and
smokes etc, the money I have allocated I put into envelopes in my
bag, then I get that amount of money out that I have allocated for
it and any left over money goes into a separate envelope, I am always
amazed at the amount I have left over out of the allocated amount.
~Quackers66 EMC~

I draw out $200 a month for pocket money for ME. Everything I want has to come
out of that money. If I cant afford something, I have to save for it.
~Platypus EMC~

Every time you buy something pay for it with a note if possible (or gold).
When you get home, but all your excess silver and gold into a jar... at the end of
the month you will be veeeerrrrryyy surprised at how much money you would
otherwise have spent and not missed. (I once had $100)
~Shishkebab EMC~

Have the electricity supplier take $20 a week out of your account to pay your
electricity bill I do this and only ever get a bill under $10 when its due.
~Kbmsc EMC~

I found it helpful to keep a budget for a few weeks/ months. Write down
everything you spend and what on.. it helped me to identify areas where I was
spending too much unnecessarily.. things I didn't realise I was wasting money on
until I saw the facts written down.
Also try to find a good savings account ( the online ones such as ING, Citibank
online cash management etc offer 5% +) and put a little .. even if it is only $1 a
day ... into it and forget about it unless it is a real emergency
~Silly Old Pom EMC~

We run Microsoft money - we have things set up so that we can download our bank
statements straight into the program. It allows us to come up with a budget and
then analyses the spending so we know exactly where the money has gone to.
~Monkeetemp EMC~

Put 10% of your gross income aside every month into an account you can't touch
eg ING and watch the money grow...... Have a specific amount that you want to save
and a time frame.

I put aside all my $2 and $1 coins. It's amazing how quickly they add up. When
birthdays and Christmas come around I usually have more than enough for gifts.
~Raggy EMC~