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If you own your own business, trade with other businesses in return for services
you need. Eg: Owning a restaurant you can give them vouchers for the same
amount as the cost of the service you require.
It's quite popular and we do it with:
- the local cinema
- the hairdresser
- the sports massage therapist
- the solicitor
- the dentist
- the local radio station for advertising
- the local tv station for advertising
- the cinema for advertising
- the party hire shop for our wedding crockery and beer glasses
- the wedding decorations coordinators
- the shadeworks hire company
- the beauty therapy salon (pedicures)
- Other restaurants
~Sarahkate EMC~

I buy my lunch stuff and put it in the fridge at work. I buy a loaf of bread,
etc etc which lasts a week and then I don't forget my lunch and have to go down to
the canteen. I normally spend between $7 & $12 on lunch for a full week instead of
$5-$7 on lunch each day. I also make sure the bread I buy has 20 slices in it
instead of 16-18 as that way it lasts for 5 days on 2 sangers each.
~Schotty EMC~

Do you drink bottled water? Buy a good filtration system. Up to $300 or so.
If you need big items, do without and save for them, donít put them on credit
cards or interest bearing accounts.
Take your own chocolates/chips to the cinema.
Buy cheaper, smaller, economic cars. You donít need a SS commodore V8 that chews
through petrol like a dog on a bone.
Do you REALLY need a mobile phone that takes pictures?!?! buy a camera.
~De Monica EMC~

Save on haircuts by being a model for a salon and they have qualified
hairdressers right there watching. Also offer to model for hairdresser training
schools. Save on babysitting by starting a sitters club where you trade hours not money.
~Flossie EMC~

On flossie's hair cut idea, you can do that with a lot more than just hair cuts
too, pretty well any service you can get for about half price or less if you go to
colleges. I regularly get massages from the local natural health college, $30 for a
1 hour massage, when I used to get acupuncture a few years ago, that was
$15 v $45-$60 for professional so shop around for all that stuff.
~Tayman EMC~

If you desire something that is not a necessity tell yourself you have to earn
it by selling something or doing an odd job for which you get paid.
~Mustang EMC~

I have started buying playstation games and craft books second hand from EBAY
which is saving more than just my money. I can give my kid some luxury items
without breaking my budget.
~MotherKnowsBest EMC~