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Every year, straight after Christmas, I go to Kmart and Target, even
Coles and Safeway, and purchase all the wrapping paper and cards I will
need for the next Christmas. They are usually discounted by at least 50
per cent and sometimes even more. Last year I purchased packs of 16 cards
for 50 cents and packs of five rolls of wrapping paper for around 75 cents.
Keep these items with your Christmas tree and decorations so that you don't
forget where you stored them when it comes time to use them.
~Kate1979 EMC~

I start shopping in October and I also use Chrisco so I pay for vouchers to toys r us
and Harvey Norman and rebel sports then by Christmas the gifts are paid for and
I can do some stress free shopping . It only costs me a few dollars each week.
~Hawkess EMC~

I have a great one for people with kids. Today I went to the warehouse and brought
2 karaoke dadís. They only cost $7.99 each and I have played them and sung along
to the words when I got them home. The only difference between these and the
karaoke machines is you don't have a mic and save 100's of dollars.

~Kerrie62au EMC~

We use our Fly Buys card and convert points to vouchers around Christmas to help
pay for all the presents.
~Nedwol EMC~

I don't use Christmas paper but buy Red, Green, Gold or Silver so I can use it all
year long.
~Tamantha EMC~

Buy Christmas and birthday presents at sale time. This saves a heap. Big W usually
have a stand in their stores with items reduced that have small tears in the boxes.
Things like dinner sets. These make great gifts for the elderly where there is only one
or 2 people in the household. Break up the box into settings and buy a cheap basket
to place it in with some cheap nibbles as well. $20 will usually make pressies for
up to 4 adults.
~Legs EMC~