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Eat whatís on sale. If its not in season or cheaper, donít get it. It
will most probably be on sale next week.
Buy a freezer and stock up on really cheap stuff. Cheddar cheese and
good butter can go in the freezer.
Take bottled water with you when you shop.
Buy at markets, usually cheaper then supermarkets. Shop around for
prices, if you cant do this, see if your friends can help you.
If you have kids - soft drinks etc should be on sale, always less then
$1 per litre, and on special occasions. Cordial, try to stick the good stuff.
Donít buy those individual yoghurt things cause they have funny characters
on them...they cost too much.
When I shop I place a limit on things. Soft drinks must be no more then
$1 per litre, including cans. Chips no more then $10 per kilo. Work it out.
Juice no more than $1.50 per litre. Chocolate same as chips, $10 per kilo.
This usually excludes ALL chocolate bars. Veggies change seasonally...
make up your own limits.
~De Monica EMC~

I try not to take my cards out with me because I tend to spend more than
I really needed to - just keep a small amount of cash and use that.
~Happypom EMC~

I take a calculator shopping with me and then I know how much I am spending
and I take a list of groceries I need for my fortnight menu and stick to it
as closely as possible.
~Quackers66 EMC~

Buy mostly No Brand, or Farmland brand at Coles. In most things it is just
as good as the name brands but at a fraction of the cost. If the family are
fussy, just take them out of the packets and put them in containers and they
would never know the difference.

~Selandian EMC~

There are places that retail caterers packs to the public, or if you know
someone with a business that purchases caterers packs order from them.
I buy mayo $10 for 2.5 litres and I split it with others.
~MotherKnowsBest EMC~

I alway look out for Friday fresh (coles) they sometimes have meat half
price but you can only buy on that Friday also if you are down at the
supermarket around 4.30 - 5.00pm, they mark all their bread down below half
~Morish EMC~

Other things like donuts or muffins for half price around the same time.
Wrap them individually and freeze them. Then put one in the kids lunch
each day and you have a play lunch snack for only a matter of a few cents.
~Nedwol EMC~

You can save money on your grocery bill by buying items such as meat, oil,
coffee etc in bulk when they are on special.
~Mjm1 EMC~