Diatribe for the 2001 comeback shows

[Well, not *comeback* as such, but you know, after being away for a comparatively long time. Thanks to Psycho Owen for this transcription.]

I kicked my coke addiction and I kicked my crack habit
And I survived things more lethal than a Big Day Out Moshpit
You think the economy was collapsing? You should have seen my veins!
But there's just one thing I cannot quit, because it looks like I'm into TISM again.

Since we've been gone who's been the biggest dunce in music? It's that Moby guy for mine.
Why can't vegans eat bull, when they talk it all the time?
A vegan's bowel, it's faeces free, and it's a pity Moby's albums are not the same
And if I was a bull I'd fucking sue, looks like I'm into TISM again

Hannibal Lecter dropped his fork, "This tastes like crap!" he claimed
"Don't eat that" I told him "What are you man? Insane?"
"No wonder that is full of shit, that's Thom Yorkes brain!
And that was poo joke number two, looks like I'm into TISM again

Y'know there's a million girly popstars, not one of them will blow ya
And there is a place for rap and hip hop, bend over boy I'll show ya
And there are young, unknown musicians, most of which are crap!
But at least there's one band all can hate, cause it looks like TISM are back!

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