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ShareTISM doesn't have a lot of content, but what it does have is pretty good. There's a few things here I haven't seen previously.

The YouTube search on "TISM" offers a rich mine of weirdness. Aside from the usual offerings like John Safran's spot on Music Jamboree, there's all sorts of popular attempts at making videos for "Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me", including an anime version, a version by Sydney Uni students featuring a stocky guy with manboobs, and a couple of lipsynchers. Be sure to check out the Dole-umentary about the introduction of Work for the Dole, featuring Ron and Humph, Lindsay from Frenzal Rhomb, John Safran and Democrat senator Andrew Bartlett.

F&MRUC has an interview that Jay & The Doctor did with Humphrey B. Flaubert on 3/10/06.

A craplister called "betrephinated" has MP3'd some stuff from the second gig at the Metro in Sydney.

Video at the Age website of a backstage interview with TISM. I'm a stormtrooper!!! (?!?)

New Waver do a magnificent cover of John Bonham's Coke Roadie entitled John Farnham's Coke Roadie.

John Safran interviewed Humphrey B. Flaubert about the controvery surrounding the Australia The Lucky Cunt artwork. Here it is. (.mov file)

Richard Miles kindly provided me with some samples of TISM's lost contribution to an Aussie AC/DC tribute album. As a lifelong Acca Dacca fan I am proud to present these for your listening pleasure.
Edited version from Fleur - still not the whole song but goes for just over a minute. (All files stored at brittletina.)

The Interview Disc MP3 and text of an interview disc released at the time of Hot Dogma. Note that the text is only of the questions, and the MP3 is only of the answers. Thanks to Fleur for this! (Files stored at Brittletina for space reasons.)

Download Ron's Marilyn Manson diatribe and a long version of "Genius is Different" in Windows Media format. From Channel 31 show Sub Sonic.

Download an MP3 of the promotional CD that was handed out to punters at the first round of gigs in September/November 2001, The Making of DeRigueurmortis.

e-pop is a site by a sound engineer with samples of his work. This page includes brief MP3s of live TISM from the late 80s.

The following MP3s are stored at one of my other Geocities sites for reasons of space:

Got A Root Out of It MP3, 2.2Mb

TISM Club Song MP3, 1.5Mb

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