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The articles in this section are either by or about TISM. The articles have been divided roughly into the Jurassic, Mesozoic, blah blah blah, you get the idea. New articles will still be added to this page and will be allowed to pile up like the shit in my bedroom until I get sick of it all and throw it into a box under my bed. No wonder I'm thirty-one and still single.

Articles from 1986 to Beasts of Suburban

Articles from Machiavelli (1996) to

Articles about De RigueurMortis/Fatboy SlimDusty tour

Articles about tism.bestoff and shows in late 2002

RIP Tokin' Blackman - obituary in The Age, 07/05/08
I didn't know the guy, but he was comparatively young and left a partner and kid. I was sorry to hear it.
Here's the writeup in InPress magazine.

Check out these quite awesome photos from Earthcore. Shit. Now I wish I didn't hate camping (and crusties).

Your friend and mine H. B. Flaubert has (yet another) magazine column, this one for Australian Traveller about life on the road.

Review of Everybody Else Has Had More Sex Than Me.

Great little review of TISM's show at the Monkey Bar in Perth in November 04.

Green Left Weekly's take on Get Thee To A Nunnery.

Beat are just as baffled by TISM's inclusion in Earthcore as we are.

Review of the Heaven show in dB mag, Adelaide.

Interview in Tsunami, 2004.


White Albun reviewed in the Adelaide Advertiser

Cam Adam's review of the White Albun in the Herald Sun, plus a lovely picture of Humphrey.

Manpower for the criminally insane - Brett Buttfield, take a deep bow.

This is actually OLD!!!, but good - sic 'em, Humph!

Review of the Brisbane show. Damn, sounds like it was good.

Image (88kb) of the diatribe performed at the TISM Idol shows in 2004. Thanks to Fleur for this!

Image (115kb) of the heartwarming tribute to roadies performed at the Tote secret gig in 2004. Molto thanks to Rowland Melville, the fan who gets onstage on the DVD, for passing this on. Note autographs!

Four and a half stars... what the fuck is going on??????!!!!! PS The name of that file is just in keeping with the naming conventions for this website, I swear!

Interview by Bob Hart, a very polite journalist for a very polite band.

No Sex Please, We're TISM, interview in the Daily Telegraph.

Angry response to I Rooted A Girl Etc. I'm not sure whether he gets it or not.

Review of Melbourne's TISM Idol show in InPress (Melbourne).

My photos from the Sacred Heart Community Cup. (external link)

Video at the Age website. Realplayer or Windows Media. (external link)

TISM get written up in The Australian's arts section! I bet they're just creaming.

Interview in the Sydney Morning Herald. Crusted on fans will enjoy the rather major errors of fact. (external link)

Paul Stewart's squib on I Rooted A Girl et al, and its non-relationship to the real Shane Crawford.

The first review I've seen of The White Albun - four stars! What the fuck?!

Interview in The Brag (Sydney street press)

Live review from Beat magazine of the show on the 3rd July. You can tell it's the Saturday show because it doesn't mention the buckets of blood that were being spattered amongst the audience...

Sydney craplister David Cox has an excellent gallery of photos taken at various rock shows, here including the TISM Idol show, but also including Pre-Shrunk, The Drugs, Front End Loader and other indie bands.(external link)

Interviews with HBF in Beat (not very good) and InPress (quite decent effort by Anthony Horan).

Michael Dwyer's interview in the Age EG is a refreshingly honest take on the TISM phenomenon - "I only know what I object to personally, which is the abrasive texture of their music. I don't like relentless programmed beats at the best of times. Especially when there's so much shouting involved." (external link)

Reviews of the Save Our TISM "telethon" in September 2003 from Beat and InPress.

Craplisters review the Perth shows in late Feb/early March, and X-Press did an interview with Humphrey.

Big Fucking Whoopie: A Floyd Fan's Intro to TISM by Chris Hogan is not a bad intro to TISM even if you're not a Floyd fan...


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