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ROOT! The Band
Strangely and ironically, after all the craplisters had made plans to see ROOT! at the Espy, I got an email from a woman I've known for twenty years inviting me to see her boyfriend's band... "You may have heard of them..." So in fact, I do know someone who got to ROOT! The Band (or at least part of it).

The first dedicated ROOT! fansite: The ROOT! Compendium

Form & Meaning Reach Ultimate Communion.

Rockus.com.au, for all your Oz Rock needs.

The TSS logo is adapted from Fry's Self Storage.

A TISM Page - not much content but good pictures.

ShareTISM doesn't have a lot of content, but what it does have is pretty good. There's a few things here I haven't seen previously.

The Yahoogroups Craplist is a version of the proper Craplist, set up to enable file storage. Its main benefit is that you can download photos and the occasional MP3.

New Waver, frequent TISM supporters during the 1990s, now sadly a recording-only band. Download the soundtrack to your pointless life here.

Up Phillip Glass's arse is where I keep my head.

Spankerchiefs, for the wanker in your life... Be sure to check out the links section.

John Safran's Music Jamboree, or as I think of it, John Safran's Blues Explosion.

3PBS-FM and 3RRR-FM - support community radio, because no-one else in their right mind plays TISM...

The Fauves - fifteen minutes to ROCK!!!

Johnny Otis was the source of the "great big count - " sample on the song "All Homeboys Are Dickheads". This site contains a biography, discography and samples of Johnny's art, which are nowhere near as crap as they could be.

Ted Nugent - defies description... but then, I've never knocked back a free rack of venison in my life. Ladies are particularly directed to Shemane Nugent - Queen of the Forest Outdoor Education For Women.

Who cleans the home? Jean-Paul Sartre? Simone de Beauvoir?

Leo's Toltoy

The World's Most Beautiful Economist - well, with the available competition, it couldn't be hard.

Stone Cold Jane Austen 3.16 says she's gonna open a can of gentle social satire!

Young and Jackson's, alas, is no longer the bucket of blood it was in the days when TISM was writing about it.

Christies Beach Football Club - home to craplister and goat fucker Paul Daly.

Clifton Hill Collingwood Women's Cricket Club

Hidden Tracks - vote for your faves! Several TISM additions in this list.

Oz Music Central


TISM use and recommend Kennards Hire.

Fellow TISM tragic Andrew Tijs.

Other TISMs

Michigan State University Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media, which offers an MA program in Serious Gaming.

"TISM is an interactive & programmable software which allows to transform and to sequence messages in Real-time. The main idea is to provide a system that behave like an hard sequencing machine more than a traditionnal computer sequencer software."

Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine - kind of weirdly appropriate.

The Inefficient Stock Market - ditto.

Temple Israel of South Merrick

Total Information Security Management.

TISM-Bree - a technical school in Belgium! Thanks to Eric for explaining this!

tagawa international short-film matsuri (which I assume means festival).

Tourism Students Network - now that's cheating!

Invest in TISM -- TIS Mortgage Investment Co.

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