These lyrics were typed up when neither Victims of TISM Support Group nor the Official Site had them. These and the lyrics at Victims of TISM are transcriptions; the ones at the Official Site are straight from the band, which means there are many interesting variations from the recorded versions. Take your pick.


The diatribe from the return shows in 2002 (actually, now that I think about it, might've even been 2001 - have I really been on the craplist THAT long? Kill me now.)

From the long-awaited Jock Cheese solo album The Jock Cheese Platter, Why Don't You Get A Bigger Set of Tits.

The Christmas pressies from the official site, 2002.
Then The Answer Came
I Ain't No Christian But I Believe In Jesus

TISM Jingle - this was played to introduce the band on the 2002 tour.

*from the bonus disc to tism.bestoff*
The Phillip Ruddock Blues, a new track included on tism.bestoff (this is actually on the album, not the bonus disc).
I'm gonna treat ya to a Neitschze double feature
How To End All Suffering.
The English Speaking Peoples
Ezra Pound, Axe-King (full version)
Life Is Fairly Silly, Really
almost blue by ian curtis
Landscape, Seascape, Escape
My Gerontation
I Await The Coming Of The Scottish Third Reich
(this morning I had work to do)

*from the single, Honk If You Love Fred Durst*
Won't Get Fooled Again, Again - transcription, some lyrics are incomplete.
We Are All Of Us In The Gutter, But Some Of Us Are Looking At The Sewerage

Collected Recordings Sampler, transcript of the spoken bits of this media-only CD. Also, you can download MP3s of the spoken bits at Thug's TISM Home Page. (Both external links)

By no demand whatsoever, the Hot Dogma liner notes!

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