Review of 1996 Auckland Big Day Out

[From a review of the 1996 BDO in Auckland: the full review can be found here.]

Finally, back in the Supertop, TISM were utterly bizarre: a whole lot of Aussies falling around the stage in red jumpsuits. They can quite fairly be called dickheads, because each was wearing a three metre high red helium filled condoms on their heads.

I was asked a couple of days ago, "would TISM be any good without the great stage presence?" This confused me, because TISM have no great stage presence. I think the answer the person was looking for is that the songs are shit, including most emphatically "(He'll Never Be) Ole' Man River", off I'm on the Drug that Killed River Phoenix [sic]. The band was total crap. The only highlight of that act for me was watching the security guards chase two guys up the lighting tower and across the roof of the Supertop.


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