Untitled promo from Beat, 20/05/87


So you have to go to work tomorrow? Who doesn't? You think I don't? You think you are the only one whom the world has blighted? Life is a curse, work is a toil and reward is a dream.

Heavens, every artist seems to pass through successive stages of development. Joyce moved from Ireland to Europe, Eliot from America to Britain, Dunstall from wing to full forward.

Being in a rock band is great, though. I get to drop a hint about it, and I suddenly become a pretty interesting sort of guy. I'm going through a stage: so too are you. Freud's oral-anal, Marx's dialectical view of history, Darwin's evolution - all the world is a stage, you needn't be on one to be in one.

As everyone knows, the true artists that emerge from the angst-ridden inner city tax bracket - you know, the people who look like they're wearing black pine cones on their heads - all these artists go through stages.

So it's about time T.I.S.M. did too. Therefore, to prove that we're truly creative (and continually question the ways of knowing that are circumscribed by the flamboyant contradictions of our art) we proudly announce our: "ROSE PERIOD"

Let's look back at some of the other stages in the rich tapestry of creative history:

1. Picasso's blue period: Rather like Elvis Costello's country'n'Western album.

2. Bowie's "Stardust" era: I never liked him because he is so flagrantly a fairy.

3. Donatello's bronze statuettes: Built on Antonio's work in brass ca. 1515. Donatello's response to those violently expressive nudes was to re-scrutinize and reaffirm the physical beauty of man. Triffically boring.

4. The Renaissance: Unimportant.

5. Baroque Art: Pissed and baroque. (Boom boom. Take My Wife. No one else will.)

6. Byzantine tapestry: Not as good as rock video shows.

7. Medieval metal work: Not as good as rock video shows.

8. Chinese culture: Not as good as rock video shows.

9. Athenian tragedy: The stylised masks, stage garment of frills and brightly coloured ornamental design, and characters flawed by arrogance and inflated self-image all combine to provide the inspiration for rock video shows.

10. Islam: Nearly as significant as "Sgt. Peppers" but stereo recording wasn't in use yet.

So we come to T.I.S.M.'s "Rose Period". At the Prince of Wales Hotel, Friday and Saturday, 22-23rd May, the band are going to question the very fundamentals of their art. And by the time they're finished, so will you. That is, until the BEAT WAREHOUSE (hip place to have a party) PARTY on 27th June!!


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