Review of tism.bestoff, Lawrence English, Time Off, 24/7/02


It's hard to believe that TISM have been doing their thing for 20 years now. Summing up the better-known end of their work, this greatest hits collection gives the listener a real sense of how the band has developed and changed over the years.

With each successive release benefiting from the band's increased musical knowledge, their lyrical sarcasm and wit has been matched with better musical backing and arrangements. By the time the band reached the late 90s - which produced hits such as 'Greg The Stop Sign' and 'Whatareya' - their hooks were so tight it was practically impossible not to find yourself humming along even if you weren't a fan of their socio-politically motivated musings.

This retrospective also features a bonus disc of rarities and home recordings (which definately sound like they were recorded at home) offering another glimpse into these masked men of Aussie popular culture.


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