Review of Collected Recordings 1986-1993 Box Set, Drivel #3


Collected Recordings 1986-1993 (Shock)

So they've finally done it. They've finally knelt before the recording industry, unzipped, flopped it out and wacked their lips around the box set. TISM are now no better than Queen. Sure, the CD supplied to Drivel was the 'media sampler' only, including a smattering of tracks and some specially pre-recorded stuff by Ron Hitler Barrassi in which he prentends to rant, and some gags about him getting his arms stuck up a cow, etc, but the simple fact of the matter is TISM have been not very prolific bastards, and are offering all their albums to those who weren't out of primary school when their gear was first released.

On four discs you have Gentlemen Start Your Egos, a best of album they released a couple of years ago, featuring the hits Root and Death Death Death; Great Truckin' Songs of the Renaissance, a true Australian classic of an album; Hot Dogma with the classic mosh-pit hits I'll 'Ave Ya, It's Novel, It's Unique, It's Shithouse and The TISM Boat Hire Offer, and the final disc, which incorporates the controversial Australia the Lucky Cunt and Beasts of Suburban.

There's the traditional 'unreleased material' to squeeze the last bits of doubt from your mind about whether you need to buy this, including about seventeen more songs, such as the country and western version of Defecate On My Face. TISM are a great band, but don't tell them that.


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