Ezra Pound - Axe King 2

[From the bonus disc to tism.bestoff, but these lyrics were posted at the official site a while ago - thanks to Jezza for pointing this out. This being TISM, I'm not sure if "Vladimir Lennon" is misspelt deliberately or not.]


Part One: The Ballad of J. Alfred White Australia Policy
Let us go then, you and I
With the patient stretched out against the sky
And the women come and go
And talk lots of symbolic crap.

Part Two: The Petty - Bourgeois Revolution
Communal living
communal living
communal living
Karl Marx, come on down.
communal living
Vladimir Lennon, come on down.
communal living
Joseph Engels, come on down.
And now, here'ssssssssssssssss Johnny.

Part Three: Art, Religion and the French Neo - Classical Dialectic
Howard Hughes bottled his piss
After he drank some tinnies -
He was afraid that he'd miss,
And now he plays the pinnies.

Part Four: The Hairy Diadem
The "Hairy Diadem" does not cause much affront
Because it is John Donne's euphemism for "cunt".


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