Comments from the Wollongong Waves and Stonefest gigs, November 2002


From:	"Mitch Nicholls" 
Date:	Sat, 2 Nov 2002 01:51:49 +1100
Subject:	tism: The Gong Gig

Just arrived home after the 100km trip back to Penrith.
Well, Wollongong surely put on a show for TISM. We classified it as a 
secret gig. Why? Because it had to of been a secret, the turnout was
ordinary.The crowd may have been 6 deep maximum. This prompted a
shock-the-crowd start, with Ron not appearing with the band for the first 2
songs. But when he did appear, the first thing he did was take of his shirt
and whip out his Mr Wobbly for all to see. This did liven the crowd up a
touch, as much as a naked man can. Though, the crowd should have
been used to it, with the naked chicks in the pub next door, but that's
another story. We were dudded 3 or 4 songs, they finished with just a 2
song encore, probably couldn't be bothered. The Crappers who attended
would most likely be backstage with the band still. I would have gone
myself, but it is quite a trek home, and I have commitments tomorrow so
it wasn't to be. I did get breath-tested for the first time ever, which was 
exciting. Pity I wasn't drunk....
I don't think the show was as good as either of the metro gigs this year,
not close really. The sound was good though. If only I could be in
Canberra tomorrow. Something tells me Stonefest will be great.
Time to sleep.


From:	"fLeuR"
Date:	Sat, 2 Nov 2002 17:25:24 +1100
Subject:	tism: Re: Re: The Gong Gig

I thought it was a good show, even if the crowd was a bit on the small
side. But who cares when you are up front.
Al Gan and I got to go and watch the sound checks before the show and to
top it off, Ron handed us the mike to sing the last chorus of Greg.
The setlist was;
Defecate (Country)
5 Yards
40 Years
Milli Vanilli
Ol' Man
I Drive A Truck
Let's Club It to Death
Apparently they finished there because they ate to much for dinner and 
weren't feeling up to playing anymore.
It was worth the trip. But then again what else would you expect a
middle-age groupie to say? LOL



From:	"Grant Baldwin" 
Date:	03 Nov 2002 13:08:34 +1100
Subject:	tism: The Gong Gig

> If only I could be in Canberra tomorrow. Something tells me Stonefest 
> will be great.

It was a pretty damn good show, 'cept for the crowd surfing cunt who
landed on my head. Similar set list, pissed crowd, plenty of crowd

the gong gig was probably low in numbers because everyone was down in
Canberra for stone eve >:P


From:	"David Cox" 
Date:	Sun, 3 Nov 2002 22:11:10 +1100 (EST)
Subject:	[thecraplist] TISM Wollongong/Canberra

Well i have just got home from what has been a most mega weekend. So
before i go and catch up on sleep, i would just like to mention the

Wollongong, well a interesting gig, but still good. And The Drugs were in
fine form too.

Canberra, i can not explain how good this show was and energy packed! I
will remember this gig for a long long time. Oh, and perhaps i should
also mention Art Income Dialectic!!!!

Well that is all i want to say right now, so hopefully i can write a more
complete review tomorrow.


From:	 "batwing59au"
Date:	Sun, 03 Nov 2002 23:49:19 -0000
Subject:	[thecraplist] the gong show

Howdy all
Well what a hell week. Started with the sound check and they played 
country,apathy,sid viscous and club it to death twice. It was wierd 
to see these songs played with no masks in sight!! Had samples of 
commercials in between songs.(big m ,defence force,holly valance)The 
band went for tea and Fleur and I found $2.50 schooners next door. 
Doors opened 9:00 and the drugs played.You were not allowed alcohol 
on the dance floor so there was no one in sight except the front 
row.TISM appeared later and started with country then straight into 
the crowd with Token ,Jock and Euge still on stage.Then Apathy and 
Ron still in crowd. Sid next and Ron got on stage and nuded up for 
the entire song!! That's about the highlights of the gig. On Greg the 
Stop Sign Ron handed me the microphone and Fluer and i sang the last 
chorus which was heaps of fun.The encore was cut 2 songs 
short 'cause of the feed they had for tea and the crowd seemed "not 
quite right".But with the cheap schooners next door I thought it was 
Big Al


From:	"David Cox" 
Date:	Mon, 4 Nov 2002 18:13:06 +1100 (EST)
Subject:	[thecraplist] TISM @ Waves Wollongong (01/11/02) & @ Stonefest Canberra (02/11/02)

Cant be stuffed writing a review now. So here is the setlist that they
used (the setlists they had printed were identical for both nights).

I'll Ave

The footer of the setlist used was the same as per the other Best Off
shows (You want innuendo?..........)

So for the Wollongong show, they didnt play I'll Ave & Defe and the
diatribe used was Morrison Hostel (as per the other Best Off shows).

As for Canberra, even though TISM were not the last band on the bill,
they still got to do their encore. The only thing they didnt play on
that day was Defe, but amoungst that set Ron did the Art Income Dialectic
diatribe as well as the Morrison Hostel during different sections of the set.

Oh yeah, no real Eugene, i dont know who the other guy is whom was used.
Also, there were advertisements played between certain songs (that sounded
taped straight off the radio) of Holly Valance, Defence Force Academy,
McDonalds (and some others that escape my mind right now).

The Drugs were great as support again for the Wollongong show. And yet
while MGF did a decent show at Canberra, if there was a battle of the
bands comp between TISM & MGF, TISM easily won as far as i am concerned.
As i may have already mentioned in a previous post, i can not explain how
great the Canberra show was.

So now the void has to set in, no other shows scheduled, when is the next
time we see them?? Will it take them another 1.5/2 years to create another
album? or since FMR has released a greatest hits package does that mean
that they do something predictable and release a Live album? (Mind you, a
Live dvd would be the better option)



From:	"Owen Brown"
Date:	Tue, 5 Nov 2002 00:20:42 +1100
Subject:	tism: Eugene

> The set list I had was from the sound booth and was pretty technical, 
and had precise times for all sorts of shit happening...

Yeah - The Fake Eugene did a good job....

His keyboard was covered up. All that was there was the little red
thing and not the KORG beastie. Maybe they were hiding that they're
keyboard input was rather small. He did vocals but nothing you'd notice, I
missed the screaming and high pitched wailing that Eugene brings to the
show =)



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