Review of Honk If You Love Fred Durst, Catalyst, April 2002


The cover for this single is honestly the only reason why I bought this CD. It displays the image of a white Volvo, a bumper sticker that says "Honk! If you love Fred Durst" (whom I utterly hate), but - best of all - the car's numberplate reads "City of Rowville" - my hometown. For any of you who don't know, Rowville is a rockin' suburb in the south-east of Melbourne. Its inhabitants include a delightful mix of people with varying music tastes: from bogans who like Guns'n'Roses, punks who like the Ataris, and homie Gs who like Eminem (as well as beating the punks up after all-ages gigs at the Community Centre). So, if there are any Catalyst readers out there who want to share in the goodness of Rowville Pride, this CD cover is for you.

As for the tracks that appear on the CD itself, they are - quite simply - reminiscent of the same ol' TISM we've come to know over the years.

**1/2 Dianne Nguyen


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