Review of Honk If You Love Fred Durst, Drum Media magazine, 30th Jan 2002


Honk If You Love Fred Durst (FMR)

I am similarly relieved that TISM still exist (and, to draw a long bow, probably paved the way for the 'Gurge and their ilk in the first place). And while they can be magnificently puerile at times, there are times when they get the social observation targeted perfectly. And while the angsty kids will probably still take the Limp Bizkit communion, this skewers the whole bullshit dead centre. And it comes with it's own bumper sticker. And you can dance to it. And may we add We Are All of us in the Gutter But Some Of Us Are Looking At The Sewerage to their pantheon on great titles. It's about footy and art, incidentally.
By Ross Clelland


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