almost blue by ian curtis

[From the bonus disc to tism.bestoff.]


when things go bad remember, every cloud has a silver lining, and immediately afterwards, gets a LOT worse. God works in mysterious ways, and that's why life is not worth a brass razoo. Looking forward to the next highlight is a quaint way of ignoring hurtling suicide, the big plan, the vocation, is full of meaningless sausage, because nothing ever works. And that girl you tell yourself is in love with you, is in fact loving the mirror on your head, and all your friends are fair weather friends because when the chips are down they'll grind your face into the gutter and laugh all the way to the altar. and when they say "wasn't it a shame", they don't mean a cracker. Your little dance at the end of a rope was just another subject for off-colour jokes, and every aspiration, every hope, every emotion, every bit of sympathy, every working-class affirmation, every single goddamn panicky itsy bitsy measly insignificant unimportant miniscule positive thing is bollocks, because it's time for bed.

Bit serious this song, isn't it?

Get fucked!


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