In Defence of Poetry

[This track is from the Collected Recordings box set, on the revised version of Hot Dogma.]


Mr Leak Van Vlalen now, coming back from injury, attempting to move from a three/four time signature to a five/five, the traditionalists always liked this man's playing, one can only hope he does not disappoint them… oh, I am sure they enjoyed the augmented triad, there the major seventh, and there again the suspended fourth, Leak Van Vlalen obviously has not lost form over the summer vacation break… ohhh, magnificent, diminished seventh [liner?], and back here again to the augmented triad, I hope the lyricist does not let him down…

The sudden blow, the great wings beating still (Let's get drunk)
Busy old fool, unruly son (Let's get drunk)
The sea is calm tonight, the tide is full
(let's get drunk and hurt somebody)

But do not let us quarrel anymore,
slumber did my spirit steal
Fair is foul and foul is fair,
his flashing eyes, his floating hair

(Poetry -get drunk!)

Swiftly! - behind the pub
Expertly! - in a pool of blood
Convulsively! - the boots go in
Now it groans, now there's silence
There's no poetry like violence

So we'll go no more a roving (Let's get drunk)
Lay your sleeping head my love, human on my faithless arm (Let's get drunk)
The trees are in their autumn beauty
(let's get drunk and hurt somebody)

The winter evening settles down
A snake came to my water trough
Tiger tiger burning bright
The sudden blow, the great wings beating still

(Poetry -get drunk!)

Thank you match man, thank you ballboys, thank you linesmen… Match over


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