Review of Punters Club show by Brent Edwards from The Craplist, 31/01/02


Ok you guys,

Considering I am wide awake at this ungodly hour from having to have a shower when I got home to wash of the bits of ceiling, insulation bats & the sweat that dripped on me from the end of Ron's nob I'll do a gig report.

The Punters is a small venue, holds 300 max, I rekon it was a sellout at 9.30. The que to get in at 8pm was very long. $12 in get in, even Big Kev could have afforded that, plus a few Fred Stickers. Craplisters I saw there were, Justin, Sexy Matt, Ms 45, Jezza, Mark, Lara & Ant, Dangerous Dan & Paul J. If you were there and didn't make yourself known YCGF.

The Fat Thing were OK, they came out in garbage bags, saying they were a Tism cover band. They took these off to reveal dresses.

To the main event.

Back stage isn't very big at the punters so Tism came in through the side door in traditional black. Same set as the POW, Homebake & Merideth Gigs.

I drive a truck was almost an instrumental again as RHB jumped into the crowd to loose the first of about 10 balaclavas for the night. Keeping with tradition at this venue, he proceeded to pull the ceiling down. Over the next few songs more and more bits of ceiling and insulation batts came down. Most ended up in the crowd. This prompted HBF to change a verse of whatareya? calling people who pull ceilings down wankers, directing it at Ron. Humph went for his walks through the crowd ending up behind Mark, teaching his the right words, I'm a wham, I'm a wham etc. Jon also posed for a few photos for Mark.

With no barriers at the front the boys were showing some concern with the front row getting squashed against the stage, Ron announced to let them know if they were in trouble, which could be seen as caring for there fans, but contradicting this by stage diving on them and pulling the ceiling down on them, this is Tism.

Ron did a diatribe about the punters closing and turning into a trendy techno club, with a goodbye. Back into the songs and Ron ended up starkers for the last half of the gig. Not to be out done Jon dropped his dacks and joined in the tackle happy fun for the last few songs. Ron stage dived a few times naked into the crowd, then tried to stick his todger in mine and others faces, the roadies saw the looks on our faces and were pissing themselves.

Gig was also being filmed, um officially by a crew and unofficially by Jezza (I'll get him to tell the story of  Tism's manager questioning him). Taking at the bar about how wild it was and to Owen on the phone, we ran into a very pissed Mick Molloy being filmed, got a photo with him, legend. Just when we thought the gig could not get any better we spot Ron and Humph going back inside. We followed and got posters and song lists signed by both. I now realise it wasn't Humphrey I talked to at the HiFi after all, looks a bit like Johnny Lydon with the blond hair.

That wrapped up a great night and while not musically (jock's guitar or amp was making some fucked sounds) a great gig, probably the best I've seen for entertainment value. The bits after were a bonus.

Look out for the video. And some great photos from Barb & Mark.

I'm going to bed now.



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> From: Owen Brown []
> Sent: Friday, 1 February 2002 12:21
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> Subject: tism: Punters
> Just spoke to Mark, Brent and Barbara....
> Best gig ever they say. And boy did they rub it in! Plain black, Ron
> for half the show, Jon losing his pants. The ceiling was smashed
> ABD Jeremy
> got it all on video.
> Top stuff.
> Owen.
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In the following email, I am arguing with > > Orange Thing about the desirability of chunkiness and body hair. Mmmm...

> From: "Ms .45"  
> A limited selection of the photos I took are available at the yahoo 
> site under TISM Punters Club folder. It includes some excellent nudity 
and a 
> pic of Brent with Mick Molloy, but is only a fraction of what is 
> including a hilarious snap of Jon's St Peenis in mid flop. 
 >	> 	Lovely work Ms.45. 


> > 	 	Even if the dick on the right of the image immortally 
> > titled "More cock than you can eat" (you sure about that?) 

Well, that's wishful thinking on my part, but I'm sure it's not more cock 
than YOU can eat, my dear boy. 

> >is making me feel 
> >	 	slightly nauseous. 
> > Poor Jon . . . nice thighs tho, if ya like em slightly chunky . . . 

Yeah, I do. The lead singer of the Fat Thing knelt down beside me and licked 
my neck, and he's a great big builder kinda guy - I'll post the photos on my 
own website and you can see for yourself. I'd totally have gone him. 

Also, I didn't get a photo, but Humphrey, who never gets dacked as far as I 
know (anyone able to confirm or deny this?), got his shirt pulled up a 
couple of times, revealing an EXCELLENT pelt of thick brown fur. I wouldn't 
give my first second and third child to run my tongue all over him the way I 
would with Ron, but if given the chance to give Humph a firm brrrrtsky I 
wouldn't knock it back. 

Er, hi Humph if you're reading this. 

-Barbara "I'd get taken a lot more seriously if I stopped drooling, but then 
if I got taken seriously I wouldn't be a craplister" K. 

Jeremy Fantl got to meet Ron and Humph - he didn't seem very impressed.

Yes, TISMs manager did approach me after the Punters Club show the other night. Can't remember his name though. He said they didn't do Big Day Out "cos they have no taste". Or something like that. I thought he was a bit of a asshole. He wanted to know why I had been videoing, then the Punters crew asked me 4 a copy cos they were filming to. Fat chance of that now!  

Later Ron and Humph came back into the public bar and I spoke to Ron. He seems like your average yuppie/wanker. So does Humphrey. I told him that his naked dance to Defecate was the funniest I've seen for a while (swinging yer leg up in the air, while yer todger dances away.) He replied "I caught a mic stand up the arse!" haha. Pretty funny guy though. So, hopefully they will do another small club show soon where I can actually get a good film going.  



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