Put Your Dog To Sleep

[This track is from the Collected Recordings box set, on the revised version of Hot Dogma.]


Kill your kids, take their life
Spill your milkshake, divorce your wife
Cancel third party on your car,
Do a hundred-twenty k's into a Jaguar

Break your back in the spinal ward
Shoot off your toes when you're bored
Poke out your eyes, scrape your knees
Wreck the heater when you freeze

Put your dog to sleep

Sharpen your pencil, then use a pen
If you're Thompson, call yourself Len
Shave your head, then ask for tips
Grow a moustache and shave your lips

If you're sick, go to a vet
Put your dog to sleep if you haven't yet
Got one hair left, you should pluck it
Put your finger in a socket and stand in a bucket

Put your dog to sleep

Go to great lengths to stay celibate
Go to the police, confess to rape
When you've a cold, don't try to cure it
Become a Commo in Eastern Europe

Try and prove Australia is a great nation
Try and engage me in intelligent conversation
Deny God, embrace fundamentalism
Become a musician… join TISM

Put your dog to sleep


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