The Law of Repulsion After Orgasm

[In an alarming illustration of TISM's satirical accuracy, I lost my virginity to a guy who called his penis Freddy Krueger. I know ALL about RAO, oh yes I do.

This track is from the Collected Recordings box set, on the revised version of Hot Dogma. A slightly different version, told from the male first-person perspective, can be found at ]

When you're drunk you can't remember, but you're drinking to forget
When back comes that vision, you know it haunts you yet
You're as guilty as Macbeth, and he's your Banquo
You shoulda guessed by now, you're suffering RAO

His dick's had its turn, now there's just your head
Wondering what you're doing here in this guy's bed
Immediately after the sticky white emulsion
Comes the old familiar sensation of repulsion!

R, A, R-A-O
R, A, R-A-O

Repulsion after orgasm, you can't escape the law,
You're really just a middle class girl who wants to find the door
And the answer to the question, what were you doin' mating
With this ugly fucking weirdo who calls his penis Satan!

R, A, R-A-O
R, A, R-A-O
R, A, R-A-O
R, A, R-A-O

Repulsion after orgasm, it'll get you in the end,
Lying there disgusted, and having to pretend
Just after he's come, all you wanna do is go
That's not a double entendre, that's RAO!

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