I await the coming of the Scottish third reich

[From the bonus disc to tism.bestoff. Has to be heard to be fully appreciated - delivered in a sort of sleazy John Laws bass] 

Hey there little cattle face???
maybe we could go back to my place
flick through war and peace
just the first eighty chapters

you know, I'd marry you if it wasn't for this head cold
by the way, I own three planets
I'm working my way back to me, babe,
with a burnin' colon inside

You know the Concise Oxford Dictionary?
I wrote it - One afternoon
did I tell you, I own a star system
oh by the way, does my nudity offend you?
I guess I'm just a wild and crazy pre-biotic entity

how do you feel about a man's relationship with his follicles?
oh oh no - don't move - I've just lost my head -
how do you feel about torsos?
and penile ligatures?


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