Saturday Night Palsy - A Medical Explanation

[And I always thought he just meant the DTs.]

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It's an actual condition...
9.19 Radial Neuropathy (Saturday Night Palsy)
The patient has injured his upper arm, usually by sleeping with his arm 
over the back of a chair, and now presents holding the affected hand 
and wrist with his good hand, complaining of decreased or absent sensation 
on the radial and dorsal side of his hand and wrist, and of inability to 
extend his wrist, thumb and finger joints. With the hand supinated 
(palm up) and the extensors aided by gravity, hand function may appear normal,
but when the hand is pronated (palm down) the wrist and hand will drop.
Radial Nerve (saturday night palsy) Weakness of wrist & finger extensors,
brachioradialis .
Doubles as a play on the title of the film "Saturday Night Fever."
Also, the clip for Saturday Night Palsy is a parody of the clip for Cold Chisel's "Saturday Night."

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Howdy all,
After doing some discussion with Shannon whilst engaged in household duties 
(oh, the life of the married couple!) we've happened upon a debate about 
'Saturday Night Palsy'. Is it an actual medical condition, and if so, what does 
it do, etc? Shannon isn't quite convinced.
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