TISM Jingle

[Uses the music of track 14 of DeRigueurMortis - the one about getting to punch John Williamson out. This was played to introduce the band on the 2002 tour - compare and contrast with the Club Song. Thanks heaps to Big Al for this. If you want to hear it, go to MoreTISM and click through to Hear TISM - it should start streaming.]

TISM, TISM, they're the guys for you
Total professionals and kind of swinging too
Weddings, bahmitzvahs, whatever your function needs
They'll bring the house down and I mean that literally
So if you want that spark to get your party smokin'
You'd better call Les, Ron, Jock, Humph, Euge, Jon and Token
TISM, TISM, they're ahead of the game
They're so determined 'cause they're addicted to crack cocaine
So girls come on backstage and tism will see you right
Get rid of that wanker that you came here with tonight

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