TISM Press Release for Watershed gig, as part of the Perth International Arts Festival



TISM have kept to there word of vowing to come over to the other side and create mayhem.

What better way to experience the spectacle and cooking expertise that is TISM than at one of the best venues in Australia - The Watershed (APIAF Initiative)

Celebrity chefs TISM have promised new delights for their live performance ‘We’ll be drawing inspiration from our favorite chefs,’ they claim. ‘We’ll start with some recipes from the United States, including Hemingway’s delightful The Soufflé Also Rises, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s meat dish Tenderize the Night and Mark Twain’s famous dessert recipe, The Prince and the Paw Paw. We’ll draw also from such timeless Shakespearean classics as Romeo and Julienne, King Prawn and How Would You Like It?’

TISM claim to have drawn inspiration from famous Australian chef, Henry “Nigella” Lawson.

When asked about the fact they were in fact a rock band, not chefs, TISM responded: ‘That’s just typical of the stereotyping we suffer from small minded journalists. Other bands can get away with it. Don’t you people remember the “Cookery for Bulimics” class run by Regurgitator? Or the “Late Night Deep Frying Recipes” seminar by Midnight Oil? Or “How to cook Osso Bucco the Osobisa way”?’

Further pressed, TISM responded to the reminder that Osobisa were in fact called Osibisa with the statement ‘You can all f*ck off. You don’t know a thing about nouveau-cuisenaire.’

Upon the suggestion from the gathered journalists they meant “cuisine”, TISM shouted that ‘Kids in the Kitchen didn’t have to put up with this, and neither do we.’

At this point TISM walked out of the press conference, before returning to make a “final appeal” to their fans to support them by ‘coming back stage and eating spotted dick.’


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