Are YOU A Yob? The TISM Quiz

Non Yob Yob
What would you call a crucifix in urine? Piss Christ Piss take
Ray Martin One of us, though he pretends he isn't. Isn't one of us, though he pretends he is.
Public Transport You support it whole heartedly. You feel the cutbacks to public transport are shocking and disgraceful.You use it.
You agree with the feminist philosophies of: Virginia Trioli Brigitte Duclos
What part of the Australian wilderness have you heard about but never been to? The outer suburbs Radio National
Your art is full of: Pain Pleasure
Your life is full of: Pleasure Pain
You are persecuted by: A harsh mendacious capitalist ethos that cares little for the essential spirit. The wife.
Factory You live in a converted one. You work in one.
What is your favourite gear? Scanlan & Theodore Fourth
Rex Oedipus Hunt
Rene Descartes Kink
Milton John The Monster
Marx Karl Ablett's over Langdon
What is your analysis of the French Revolution? Of course, the Ancien Regime was not in fact a barrier to talent: indeed, Louis' ministers, such as Necker and Turgot, rose from the middle classes. But it was the identification of 'the people' with 'the nation' that was at the incendiary heart of the revolution. No longer could an absolute monarch claim 'L'etat c'est moi!' Instead, the state was the people, and, more pertinently, it was also the gangs of marauding sansculottes who were constructing barricades in the streets of Paris. Louis XVI looks like Greg Ritchie in a wig.
Quote from your current favourite work of Australian literature:The First Stone The Flint Stones


'But why, in a modern context, would two young, confident and self assured girls take recourse to the law? Surely, seen now, they were the ones in power, and the old man kneeling before them was the supplicant. Yet I must confess my own part in this: I, too, was once a man, and I too needed the pain, the desire, the exhilaration of the forbidden.
Why were we all so frightened of life?'
'Come on, you know you want it.'


Fucking leso.
Quote from your current favourite work of literature from overseas: Trainspotting

Ah woke up feeling shitey. Ah was fookin' sick as a fookin' dog. I fookin' said to fookin' Angus, Angus, I fookin' said, Angus, cunt, mai wee little cunt, yair nae goin' ta like mae cos I puked onya face.

'Reginald' said Angus, 'could you please drop that horrid Scottish brogue? You really are quite soporifically boring at times.'

-You go get fooked! aih said. You dinna keen me ony more since yoo started gaeing wi' your posh mates. I coulda ta'en twa brikes and ta'en yoo cock oot ay your pants and jist smashed yoo balls tae the be-jesus.

'Please use inverted commas when you speak, Reginald.'

-You bauld toerad, aye, ooo, ahh, oooo, bonnie, Hamish, kilt, Loch Ness, the pipes! the pipes! ooo, bonnie Robbie Burns, ach aye, ach aye, haggis.

I woke up feeling shitty. I was fucking sick of going to work as a storeman and packer, but what the fuck, you've gotta live, don't ya? So I fucking caught the early train as usual, and I worked from nine to five. At lesat I don't fucking make a meal of it. I I had a fucking Scottish accent and a habit, young kids all round the world would be out the back of factories lugging crates around thinking they're hip.

'Hey, Roger' said Harro, 'you wanna go to the footy next week?'

'Yeah' I said.

And so we went to the footy.

No one whinges like a junkie whinges.
What do you think of Germaine Greer's idea of Australia having a culture of 'penetration'? I fully support it. I fully support it.
Favourite genius James Joyce James Hird
What do you fight for? The end of class prejudice Fun
Who is this?
Louis XVI Greg Ritchie in a wig.
Are you sure? No, you're right. It is Greg Ritchie. Fuck yeah.

Did you score?

Non Yob: Yes. Coke.
Yob: Yes. And I'm off to the pub to tell the fellas.

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