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Flood Jan 2004 P1
Flood Jan 2004 P2
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Since you have stumbled into this page, I would like to invite you to browse through this web site to learn about my village. There are pictures on most pages so you can see how the village look like and what people do. Happy browsing!

View of Kpg Stenggang 01 Dec 1999


The people of Kampong Stenggang appeal to you and others to donate money to assist them build their church multi-purpose hall. This hall will be used by the community for holding large meetings, community and religious celebrations. It is also going to be used for conducting training courses and workshops and a place for holding sports and recreational activities.  Kampong Stenggang community has already paid a substantial progress payment to the contractor to get the construction started (see photos below), but they need more money to meet the whole construction cost, estimated at RM300,000.

How to donate:

Please donate by make your cheque payable to “St. Teresa’s Church Stenggang” and address it to St Teresa’Church, Kampong Stenggang, PO Box 3, Bau 94000, Sarawak, Malaysia. Alternatively, you can pay your donation directly to the church account at Malayan Banking, account number 111074053496.

The Kampong Stenggang community and St Teresa’s Church Council would like to thank you for your kind donation and generosity.

Further information:

If you would like more information on St Teresa Church multi-purpose hall project, please contact the Mr Dickson Noyen, Chairman of St Teresa’s Church Council. He can be contacted on: cikgudick@yahoo.com.my

Church multi-purpose hall under construction. Photos taken in July 2009

Steel frames used in construction of multi-purpose church hall.
Steel frames use in the construction of the multi-purpose hall

St Teresa Church is in the background
St Teresa Church is in the background.


Flood Jan 2004 P1
Flood Jan 2004 P2

Oil palm plantation
This is a source of employment for the villager, but not everybody wants to work in the oil palm plantation. The villagers whose land are used for the oil plantation company has already earned cash dividends from the oil palm harvest .

Gawai: Rice harvest festival
See historical photos of this festival. With majority of the villagers embracing Catholicism, this festival can no longer be celebrated in the traditional ways as there are not more Gawai religious elders left to lead and organise the Gawai celebration.