UFO Witness Harassment, Intimidation, Murder

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"This huge secret is being kept it has to have something to do with the 'off-planet culture,' that I call OPC phenomenon that in fact, it was so real that this man could hardly talk about this big secret and did not because of the threats to his life and probably to the lives of others who worked with him who might or might not have known. But he certainly did." -- Dr. Carol Rosin

WYVE News Director and UFO witness Danny Gordon. Received countless late night phone calls, some of them threatening. His house was broken into, bogus reporters had visited his home, finally his UFO negatives from the photographs he took had disappeared.




Danny Gordon. I received a phone call at home from a retired military intelligence officer. At first he told me to tape the conversation so he could put the date, and everyone to be aware. I said, why do you want to tape this and he said I want your friends to know if something happens to you that I forewarned you.

Tape recording transcript of actual call:

"What I'm telling you Danny is I've been pursuing this thing for many, many years.. like I say I saw my son die..of leukemia. What I'm telling you is they will try to hit you if they think it's possible for their purposes to keep you from further investigating this thing and most likely it will be done by a skin contact chemical.. in case something comes at the door knob of your car or on the steering wheel, they could also come up with something, do something to your children."

Less than one month after the disturbing phone call Gordon had two surprise visitors posing as reporters at his home, they remained for 45 minutes, one interviewing Danny Gordon, the other roaming through the house snapping photographs. Two weeks later his UFO negatives had disappeared.



Written transcript of Ricky Sorrells UFO description on Larry King:

"I started looking at it. There were no bolts, no rivets, no welded seams, it was smooth, it was like a barn gray. It had cones potruding, going up into it, bigger at the bottom, going up to smaller at the top. It took off like this [shows motion with his hand]. It remained flat and took off at a 45 degree angle."

"It took off so fast that if I blinked I would have thought it vanished but I had my eyes on it, and I know it took off flat at a 45 degree angle."

Summary of harassment:

Writer Billy Booth, About.com speculates some group within our government, possibly working outside the auspices of the President, is taking care of business. And their business is the controlling of information.


Witness intimidation: Houseboat Bob or "River Bob", Needles residents.

David Hayes, owner of KTOX Radio in Needles, saw a formation of dark-colored vehicles leave the main road, obviously to clean up the site. He was able to see that the lead vehicle had government plates. He described this vehicle as a large truck with a dome on top of it. Oddly, it had a structure on it that resembled a stealth fighter jet. It can be surmised that this truck contained a control center for the retrieval of any crash debris or artifacts. Several vans followed the lead vehicle, as the convoy drove to their destination.

Hayes got close enough to see some of the occupants of the convoy. He described the men inside as not wearing military uniforms. The one man with whom he was able to make eye contact with was later parked outside of the KTOX station. Naturally, Hayes assumed he was being watched.