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A disc-shaped object with dome was seem to light up valley as it landed one evening.
The witness returned the next day and discovered a circle of scorched grass about 10m in diameter.

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Coral E. Lorenzen, the founder of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization . Born in 1925, she was still a child of only nine when she saw what she would later understand was a UFO. The hemisphere-shaped object crossed the sky in an undulating movement. Three years later, she mentioned the sighting to her family doctor, who providede her with one of the books written by Charles Fort, an author who had collected tales such as that told by Lorenzen.


RAAF pilot flying aircraft off the coast of Tasman Peninsula in 1942 spotted an unusual airfoil bronze colored craft 50 feet wide 150 feet long surounded by a reflective dome. It kep pace with the RAAF pilot's aircraft before departing rapidly.


Gosta Carlsson, Disc-shaped object with a cupola. The cupola seemed to be a cabin with oval windows.



A UFO photographed by a US Marine Air Group pilot over the North-East China Sea during the Korean War. The object came close to the aircraft before shooting off at over 1,000 mph. It had a very bright top, which 'burned' into the film emulsion, and a bronze coloured base. (W. Gordon Allen)


George Stock was working in his yard on July 28, 1952 when this dome-shaped saucer appeared.


A domed disc-shaped craft is reported to have landed within the White Sands Proving Ground, 12 miles west of Holloman AFB, Alamogordo, New Mexico, and 50 yards from highway 70.



A rotating cupola on top of the craft changed from red to green as it decelerated.


Mrs. Frederick. Two shiny beings, close-fitting garb, "opaque helmets," visible in dome of hovering disc-shaped craft.


Actor Jaime Farr (M*A*S*H) driving down desert road. Caught sight of a light zigzagging across sky at incredible speed. Stopped in mid-air, hoverd for a while, took off at high speed. The UFO approached within one hundred yards of car, then paced it. Could distinquish a domed apparatus with a light swinging around its base. The desert sand swirled underneath it.


Singer Buddy Greco saw a metallic dome spinning on the ground. Brilliant white lights flashed around its rim. Object rose vertically and shot up into the sky at incredible speed.


A disc-shaped, domed object was revealed hanging in mid-air in front of them. It had six brightly lit windows and was some 30 feet (9 meters) wide; metallic in appearance, it had a number of sections that were joined together with rivets and seams. The dome was also metallic, but it was darker and had no rivets.


Five boys observed one 3-ft.-tall being, black garb, helmet, glass-like faceplate; dome-shaped craft seen on ground; whistling sound attracted attention to being perched in tree, who floated to ground.


Large disk with silvery-gray dome, about fifty feet in diameter and five feet high. Near the top of the dome were four small windows which emitted a yellow light. The area below the windows glowed with a bluish light. The outer ring between the blue light and the rim was rotating counterclockwise, casting off a halo of light that changed from orange to white with an overall tinge of blue and green. The rim itself was bright orange and did not rotate. An indentation was visible on one side of the UFO.


Spaur described the UFO as approximately 50 feet wide, with a dome or some other superstructure barely visible on top. Neff-Spaur incident.


Elizabeth Douglas. One humanoid visible inside disc with dome, square windows, as craft flew low past house.


Ron Hyde. Two humanoids about five ft. tall, silvery suits, round helmets, emerged from disc with dome; one moved toward witness and gestured, he fled in fear).


Guy Tossie, Willie Begay. Two small humanoids from disc with dome, aggressive encounter.


Three small white-clad figures around disc with dome, red lights; physical traces found at site.


Marilyn Wilding. Two humanoid figures visible in disc with dome.


Dr Irena Scott. CUFOS. DAI - America's photo reconnaissance spy satellite programes - Kehole and Talent.

The object on the photograph was shaped like a saucer with a raised dome in the center. It appeared to be saucer-shaped with a dome [which] appeared to be quite tall in comparison to the brim - almost like a high top hat, or like the Kecksburb, Pennsylvania, object standing on end.


In the late summer of 1968 at 2 a.m. a married couple(names confidential on file) reported seeing a dome-topped UFO with "windows" and odd-colored lights(yellow, blue and red fixed together) flying near their Lake Norman home. The UFO was about two to three car lengths wide and made a soft hum- ming sound. A "metal rod" came from the bottom edge of the UFO, as it moved down nearby power lines, almost touching the wires as it followed the power lines.

|Disc|Dome|Humming|Power Lines|

.M. Milakovic. Five silhouetted humanoids moving back and forth in dome of luminous UFO.


Gary Chopic. One human-size being, silver suit, elliptical craft with clear dome; saw witness, entered craft and took off.


Five small beings, yellow garb, headgear, moved quickly back and forth near dome-shaped craft with body lights.


One "apelike" being, featureless, large waist, no neck, visible in dome-shaped object on or near the ground.


One grotesque nonhumanoid creature, flipper-like feet, webbing between legs, appeared from top of dome-shaped object with blue-green flashing lights that landed on road, E-M effects on car.


Two or three 6-ft tall human-like beings moved around a domed disc resting on tripod legs, entered via ladder, took off with humming sound.

|Disc|Dome|ET|Humming|Landing Feet|


The Case was investigated by the northern representative of the Tasmanian UFO Ivestigation Centre, and subsequently reported to Flying Saucer Review by. W. K. Roberts.

It was domed on top, emitted intense oragne-yellow light. Beneath the dome, the UFO was silver-grey in colour. There was a wide band on which there could have been portholes, and six to eight horizontal bands below it, decreasing in diameter; their width was about 5 feet (1.5 meters) in all. At the bottom of the object was a small revolving disc, and below this what appeared to be a bx or tube, which potruded from the base a short way.


Witness reports observing an 80' domed disc over pine trees. Object hovers and emits a whistling sound.


Mr. and Mrs. Jim Richardson. They noticed the UFO looked "like two pie pans" put together and had a dome on top. It flew about 40 to 50 feet above their car and it had red and blue lights on its ends and its dome was "brillant white." The bottom of the UFO was octagonal in shape or like a stop sign.

|Dome|Beam|Dome|Power Plant|


Silver disk shaped object with a soft white dome on top of it.
Several red lights moving about its perimeter counterclockwise.
I heard a strange, loud, metallic beeping sound. It sounded mechanical, like the pings of submarine sonar, and it had a peculiar rotational quality to it, like a Doppler effect.


Described as two plates joined together with a small cupola on top.


Domed disc with light, door and two windows, circle over two girls. Object gave off a beeping sound.


A domed disk plunging toward them. The massive object stopped short and paced the car, which soon became filled with blue light and suffocating heat. Reported abduction. Strange red marks on skin burned with water. Small areas of bubbled up paint on car.

|Disc|Abduction|Heat|Injury|Maneuver|Landing Mark|


At 2:00pm, Hirohito Tanaka saw a small dark circular-shaped UFO with a raised dome in the center. The object made a low pass over his neighbor's house. He grabbed his Instamatic 126, and took seven photographs.


Disc with dome and 3 lights (red, green and white) revolving around it is observed shooting off sparks.



At 2:00pm on a witness who declines identification snapped a color photograph of a shiny circular disc-shaped metallic flying object that had a high raised cupola on its top side. It was flying high above the trees, and above the lower scattered puffy white cloud level, but well below a higher cirrus layer of thin clouds. The brushed-silver disc had a smooth unbroken lower surface and a three-tiered dome. The lower part of the dome had a red-orange color, with a light yellow colored part above that which was topped by a reddish-gold knob at the uppermost level. No seams, joints, ports or projections of any kind marred the unbroken finish of the shiny craft.


Report of two discs with domes on top and bottom, flashing red, green and gold lights while playing tag, are observed for over 4 hours.







Police officer Mark Coltrane took polaroid photographs of a metallic looking disc. His radio was emitting crackles at the time of sighting.


Rivo Faralli. Witness car stalled on road by red glowing domed disk; two occupants emerged from dome, floated around car, reentered object. Witness suffered eye irritation for two days.



Hannah Roberts photograph of a discoidal object in the sky.


Strange loud swirling sound changed into a beeping sound as object passed overhead.
Witness saw a circular object wobbling above trees, huge silver metallic double decker cake shape, dome structure on top with windows, flashing lights along exterior.


8:05 PM. Five people in Llano, Texas, witnessed a huge dome-shaped UFO fly over their house at only 200 feet altitude. It made a loud humming noise and had lights on the rim. A jet aircraft was seen in pursuit of the UFO. (Source: International UFO Reporter, May-June 1984, p. 16).


Danny Gordon. Roger Hall. It was very large, had a dome shape to the top of it, no wings, and what appeared to be strobe putting out multi-colored lights on the right side of the craft. Estimated size two football fields in diameter. Three huge picture windows in the back of it that were lit inside out. A red ball docked with the craft.

|Dome|Nocturnal|MIB|Witness Harassment|

Illustration by witness Tim Todd.

Tim Todd.

|Disc|Dome|Hover|Humming|Power Lines|Missing Time|Speed|

Two seperate groups of witnesses saw a low-flying circular plate. The first group reported they saw a cupola on the top. There were many lights on the object.



Guillermo Arreguin. Daylight disc filmed during Mexico solar eclipse.




At an uncertain time at night, eastbound on I-64, just past US41 North, witnesses saw a large orange and red-domed disc with and eight-sided base. Duration was "a very short time" within 200 feet, seen through the windshield. After it passed the witness stopped and jumped out of the car but the object had disappeared. Investigation by James E. Delehanty, ASD (South)



I made the picture full size & what "it" looks like is something with a dark bottom, a silver dome on top with the sunlight reflecting off of it the same angle that the sun was hitting us. An excellent photogragh of a saucer shaped object with a visible top. Photo taken from a 3.5 mega pixel digi cam.


On close examination there appears to be a silver or metallic disc shaped object in the middle of the photo. Now the reason I believe that this object is either silver or metallic as there appears to be an area on the object off which the sun appears to be reflecting. Photo taken from a Sony Cybershot digital camera.



Diego Santiago Molina.



UFO spotted outside birthday party in Tatui, Brazil.


Witness was awaken early at 1:30 AM by pet dog barking at something out side the a bed room window. Witness looked out window and saw a disk about 80 feet away hovering over a close-by artificial pond. The disk was observed through and just above the trees as shown in the graphic. The disk was approximately 30 feet in diameter and 15 feet thick. The dome on the craft was unlit.