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Commodore's Notes:  Welcome to 2000!!     by  Commodore Chester Hulme
     If you are reading this, then Royís computer must have been Y2K compliant.  Now that we apparently survived the Y2K bug ( I am writing this prior to the new year) I guess we should plan for the upcoming year.  My plan is to enjoy the year.  No pressure. No big plans.  Just sail as often as I can.
     I would like to see a few more people at the meetings this year.  When I look at the membership list, two things cross my mind.  One is that for such a large community of windsurfers the number of members seems awful low and two is that there are many names on the list that I have missed seeing at the events.  I know that I write great articles, but you really should see me live!  Next meeting  we should discuss ways to attract those sailors who havenít joined the club.  We all know a few,  start recruiting!
     We have a full calendar this year and I hope that the events on the list will attract both new members and old.  The best part of any of these events is the opportunity to socialize before, during, and after.
     Wish I could talk about all of the sailing Iíve been doing, but I really havenít been out in a while.  The Holidays and work have kept me dry.  The sooner my retirement policy (the lottery) comes through, the sooner I can sail more often.
     Next meeting will be at our house, and I would like to get together with the old executive committee and the new executive committee beforehand to finish up old business and kick off new business.  We need to finalize a race director and start the processes again.  Regular pot luck meeting at 7:00 PM and executive committee at 6:00 PM.  Anyone is invited to join in at the early meeting.
Edís Note Y2K compliant- no way Iíd chance that, this was out of my computer Dec 31st.

See you on the water.     --   Chester

Lost At Sea:  Yellow 2-person Ocean Kayak escaped its mooring 12/30/99 on the Flour Bluff side of the Laguna Madre.  If you found it, or know someone who did, contact Wally Allen at 880-5196.    Reward Offered for return

Racing Primer Chapter IV:     White Flag     by  Guy R.
     This is the single most exciting time in windsurfing for me.  The Race Committee can't possibly communicate verbally with us after we leave the beach, so the usual convention is to use three flags which signify a specific time before the start of the next heat (or, more plainly, race).  All successful racers need some type of timer, but any cheap waterproof watch will do.  Race organizers use various sequences, but I'll define the one you're likely to see 'round here:
1:  The committee honks and waves to get our attention.  You keep your eyes on the committee boat and sail close enough to hear the prelude to the sequence countdown.

--within a few seconds--
2:  The starter quickly snaps up a white flag, and simultaneously starts his/her 3-minute timer.  You start yours.  Now is a good time to think about all the information you've gathered in preparing for this race.  Does the water show the wind changing strength or direction?  Where are the competitors massing or lining up.  Can you use this to your advantage?  Above all, focus your attention outward to the environment, your competitors, the next set of swells.  Now is not the time to be looking at your footstraps or the shape of your rig.
     What to do and where to go next depends a lot on the conditions.  It's not a good idea to stray too far from the start area in light or in puffy conditions.  You may be unable to return in time.  On the other hand, "parking" on the line ensures you will be eaten alive by your competitors who blow by with speed, feeding you bad air for the first several minutes after the start.  Here's how a lot of good racers handle the sequence.
     A:  After capturing the 3-minute signal, keep sailing through the start area and away from  the line for less than a minute. Sail what I like to call "Cruising Speed".  This is 8 tenths of your best effort, but should be planing comfortably, maybe just a tad sheeted out. Jibe just before 2 minutes to the start.

3:    Starter snaps the White flag down.  You note the indicated time on your watch, which will show 2:01  or 2:03.  Try to remember to GO!  with 0:01 or 0:03 showing later...
    B:  Sail back across the starting area, staying high upwind and parallel to the line, noting the time remaining as you cross behind the committee boat. Now comes the tricky Math part.

4:    With one minute remaining, Starter snaps up the blue flag.  You note your timer, confirm the same lag as at 2:00.
    C:  If there was say 54 seconds when you passed the committee boat, you know you can sail onward for a bit less than half that time before you jibe again and head for the start line with 'racing" speed.  The tricky math part says jibe  with (54/2) -10 seconds = 27 - 10 =17 seconds, or start your turn at 37 seconds remaining.

    Unfortunately, a Windsurfer in the start sequence of a heat is incapable of making  these sophisticated calculations.  He or she is devoting nearly 100 percent of  hemodynamic reserve to what I call the "racing muscles", leaving barely enough blood supply to scream "STARBOARD"  for no apparent reason at anything afloat, including fellow competitors, the committee boat, buoys, and passing seabirds.  To expect this person to perform Math in his/her head is akin to getting Al Gore to sing "Feelings".  That part of the brain, for all practical purposes, does not exist.  This is the true reason for the many amusing exploits of many racers we've seen over the years. For example, the race leader escorts the whole fleet around the Wrong Course.  Or we completely forget how to jibe at a critical rounding.
     Thankfully, it doesn't matter.  Where you decide to turn and head for the line depends a lot more on where and when you CAN jibe, which depends on the approaching fleet. Don't turn into a crowd, they get testy.  Don't wait until the whole fleet has passed, either, or you'll be late to the line.  find an open spot with about 30 seconds to go and (goes without saying) MAKE THIS JIBE!!

5:  With 30 seconds remaining, Committee snaps the Blue flag down.  You never notice.
   D:  Hopefully, you've turned around to head for the line in a nice, open area of water, leaving enough space ahead to accelerate down the line, and you're high enough  to run down the line unimpaired by bad air from earlier sailors or anyone above you.

6:  At 0:00, the Committee snaps the Red flag up, and sounds a horn.  If you wait to hear the horn, you lose a few feet.   The sound of the horn takes a fraction of a second to reach your ears, where you could have rounded up to weather sooner.  The guy behind you may have done so, and is already starting to dirty your wind. Remember that 0:01 or 0:03  lag time.  Here's where lack of aggressiveness hurts.  Next time you'll pay attention.
     Unless there's a Recall, all confusion, stress and fun of the Start is now behind you.  Hopefully you're in a good position to sail without interference from anyone all the way upwind to the weather mark, which we'll cover in Chapter 5.
Good Sailing!        -Guy

Editor's Puffs:   by Roy Tansill
    The Padre Island Moon Newspaper has initiated a new web site and somehow Iíve managed to get involved in writing  the windsurfing page for it.  Yup, thereís another web site in town dispensing info about our favorite activity.  Take a look at the Moonís page at:  http://www.islandmoon.com/ .
      In other Texas windsurfing news the North Texas Windriders have once again turned to Brian ĎThe Dogí Cunningham to edit their newsletter.  Many of you know Brian as the master chef of Bird Island;  he is the guy who smoked many of the fine turkeys weíve enjoyed at the Thanksgiving feasts over the past years out at Bird.  He retired as editor a year ago but agreed to take it back on after a yearís leave.  The Gulf Coast Championship will be held at the Brackenridge Plantation on Lake Texana this year.  Thatís the same location at which the Galveston Bay Windsurfing Association held their Fall Campout and from what Iíve heard its a perfect place for the event.  Vicki Duncan checked in from Costa Rica with the news that Tico Winds and Rock River Lodge (both in Costa Rica) are donating a one week vacation for two to the growing list of prizes to be raffled off at the Womenís Clinic at Bird in early April.  All profits from the raffle will go towards prize money for the Womenís fleet at the 2000 US Open.
     The new Techno announcement reminded me of something Iíd like to bring up for responses from you the readers.   The club has seen a reduction in the ranks of members who enjoy racing our toys.  There are many reasons for this and keeping competitive by purchasing new gear once or twice a season is a major negative factor.  When I bought my first Windsurfer, complete with its all purpose 65 square foot yellow triangle sail, I was given an entry to a one design racing fleet and a built in social life--all came with  my new white whale.  It was fun and everyone was playing on a somewhat level table except for a few who were clearly just much better sailors.   BIC seems to be making headway in bringing back the level table concept with the Techno 283 one design class.  Hopefully theyíll get this idea right and not get into changing that hull for many years.  I re-learned how much fun racing can provide taking part in the CCWAís Fall Series on the Oso.  I also learned even antique gear is competitive in almost no wind and the converse--how good that expensive high tech racing gear is whenever the winds get into double digits.  Iíd like to see the CCWA run a one design Techno class in its Whataburger series.  Unless Iím once again being a total oddball (what can I say, it happens to me--often),  I think there are at least enough wannabe racer members out there to give it a try.  The other factor that keeps me a spectator rather than a racer is the current event site.  With other options already available and at least one perhaps better site nearing construction,  why is it that all the races are held in that chop riddled wash machine off Oleander?   Hanging onto a Techno 283 on the downwind leg in 30 mph winds on that area of Corpus Christi Bay is not something Iíd call fun (or even safe for a gonnabe geezer like myself).  Okay, now how about some response--Iíll even keep them anonymous if you request.

Andy Brandt Returns to ABK to Teach Special Freestyle Instructional Clinics:  -from  AWIA's press release
     ABK Sports starts the new year with exciting additions to their current program. One of these new additions will be incorporating freestyle clinics with Andy Brandt at select ABK camps.  Andy will be returning to his old stomping grounds at ABK to share his teaching expertise and experience.   The freestyle clinics with Andy allows ABK to fill a niche in their existing program by expanding the current levels of instruction to include freestyle.
     In addition, to answer a call of the industry and in an effort to help standardize teaching,  Andy will be running Instructor Training courses for Levels 2-4 in Dewey Beach, DE in the spring, and in Rio Vista, CA in the summer.  These clinics will give current and future instructors the chance to learn the fundamentals of presenting and teaching higher-level techniques, and will also train and prime future ABK instructors. The graduates of these clinics will have their names and contact information listed in Windsurfing Magazine.
     Andy has a wealth of knowledge to share as one of the most talented and experienced instructors in the U.S.  His dedication to the industry can easily be seen in his contributions during his 10 years plus as an ABK Instructor, Instructional Editor for Windsurfing Magazine, and a premier instructor at numerous events throughout the US and Caribbean.   You will also be able to find Andy with Sarah James at the Hi-Ho in 2000 teaching clinics and taking part in the event.
Sarah James Returns to ABK as Full-Time Member:
     ABK Sports is thrilled to announce Sarah James' return to the ABK Tour as a full-time member, joining the great ABK Staff returning from last year.  Always striving to improve and fine-tune their current program, ABK realized and met the need for an on-road coordinator to aid in logistics and communication between the home office and the host shops and staff.  Sarah will fill this role in addition to being an instructor.  This will add another dimension to the camps and will further enhance the ABK experience by creating a more complete program.
     Sarah has been with ABK both part- and full-time for the past 3 years.  She has always filled her roles as instructor and coordinator in an exemplary fashion and will now be taking on more responsibilities in order to continue ABK's longstanding tradition of customer satisfaction by taking it to yet another level.
     In addition to traveling with ABK you will find Sarah teaching at several other clinics in 2000, namely: the Women's Clinic in Corpus Christi, Texas (April 1 & 2), a Women's Clinic in Puerto Rico (dates TBD) and a clinic prior to the Hi-Ho.
     For more information please contact ABK Sports at (415) 927-8835 or  info@abksports.com

Jimmy Diaz & BIC
Long respected as the hardest working professional windsurfer on Maui, Jimmy has teamed with Bic Sport, the worlds leading manufacture of quality windsurfing boards.  Over the last several years, Jimmy has become one of the top names to be reckoned with on the World Cup.  His incredible work ethic combined with his thorough knowledge of board and sail design will be a valuable asset to the Bic Sport group.  In addition to racing World Cup events, Jimmy will also be on hand to attend several mainland events like the US Open and the 2000 Techno National Series Finals to be held in Islamorada, FL.  Jimmy will also lend his expertise to the winner of the Techno Series drawing.  The lucky winner of the drawing will win a round trip ticket to Maui and have the opportunity to train and tune with Jimmy prior to the Techno Series Finals. According to Kent Marinkovic of Adventure Sports, "Jimmy is an excellent addition to the Bic Team.  I think that this move is well timed and fits perfectly with our plans for the Techno 31 fleet and series.  With a quality World Cup racer like Jimmy on the team, helping to support this formula 31 series, maybe the folks with the IYRU will take a serious look at implementing a similar format into the Olympics sometime soon."

ABK Returns to Bird Island
After skipping the Corpus Christi area for a year, the ABK crew will be back out at Bird Island  for a three day clinic March 24th through March 26th.  The clinic will feature former CCWA member Derek Rijft as the head instructor and Sarah James will handle the logistics then hang around for the free Women's Clinic the following week.  For more information or registration, call Amy at ABK (415) 927-8835 or send her e-mail at:  info@abksports.com

CCWA Holiday Bash Ď99
The annual Holiday Party was once again the most heavily attended club gathering of the year.  The Hulmes home was ground zero for the evening and there were many familiar faces wolfing down the diet busting array of good food.  There was even a Guy Larue siting.  Elections were eventually conducted and the 2000 Executive Board was determined.  With that business completed, the party continued on well into the night.  If you missed this one, donít let that happen again.

Windfest 2000    -from Kathy White Frisco Woods Campground Windfest 2000 Coordinator
This event is brought to you in part by Windsurfing Magazine, Dare County Tourist Bureau, New England Windsurfing Journal and Windsport Magazine.
WINDFEST - The premiere windsurfing and kite surfing event on the East Coast.  Our 5th annual event with three full days of fun filled activities.  All for the specific purpose of introducing new people into the sport as well as, to peak the interests of the intermediate and veteran.
Manufacturers, reps, shops, the individual entrepreneur, and those promoting windsurfing alike are all invited to attend.  No one company or individual is too big or too small to participate.  Everyone in the industry is welcome and encouraged to attend.  A great opportunity to showcase and demo your product line.
   General Information:
                No entrance or set-up fees.
                Equal site space provided to each.
                Easy access to launch (waterfront on the Pamlico Sound).
                Discount camping rates available to participants and their staff.
                Other local lodging information available.  Call for details.
Participant/Sponsorship Requirements - Product available for demo.  Equipment to arrive and site set up MUST BE completed prior to 10am, April 27th  Staffs available for full term of event - daily 10am-6pm  (events begin at 10am sharp each day).
    Prize pool donations appreciated:
                by each individual: (not sponsored by a manufacturer or shop): $25
                by each shop:  $50 or greater value, per brand of product
                by each company: $100 or greater value, per brand of product
Note: we are seeking a grand prize for one of the events (sail and rig, or board for example.  Your suggestions welcome.)
    Tentative Schedule of Events:
Clinics and Workshops (Current sponsors: ABK Sports- additional sponsors welcome) Equipment demos (sponsors needed) On the water instruction-all levels(Current sponsors: ABK Sports, US Certified Instructors-A.& M. Hammond-Tooke, D. Mines)  Kite Surfing - Daily instruction and demos (Current sponsors: Kitty Hawk Kites - additional sponsors welcome) Speed Check (need volunteers to assist)  Relay Race (need volunteers to assist)  Kid Level Event (to be determined) Board Toss (sponsored by NE Windsurfing Journal) Free Style Challenge (need volunteers to assist) Other -  Good Food, Happy hour and Bonfire nightly (your suggestions and ideas welcome)

New Techno 293: The Techno family adds a 293 for very light winds
              -from   Cliff Tudor (our area BIC Rep)
The Techno family welcomes the 293 for very light winds.  This Techno 293 is dedicated to all those who want to learn windsurfing and funboard but also go fast in very light winds. More stable than a big longboard, faster than the best free ride Techno 293board, the Techno 293 is very innovative and unbeatable for planing with Great stability and high performance. The Techno 293 is 80 cm wide and more stable than all big boards "for beginners". The 205 liters of volume give it a great stability and buoyancy; but you quickly forget them with speed. And like all Techno's, the 293 goes very fast.
An innovative concept 100% accessible: The twin fins, Two high performance 28cm fins, are as fast as a unique 50cm on the downwind.  Benefits: increased maneuverability, less pressure in the legs and a more stable position for a minimum loss in the upwind. It also permits sailing close to the shore and an easier beach start. For a higher performance use, you can also replace the twin fins by a single one in the central Trimbox.  W Hull: This original shape places a V under each fin. It provides a better lateral and directional stability, higher comfort in choppy conditions and tolerance in the gybes.  The 293ís removable central fin:  This additional, easy to clip, central drift/fin is especially dedicated to the beginners who need a drift. It is very efficient and a special plug fills in for high performance sailing, easy planing and gybes. Its wide rear one foot off and the central V generates an important lift which improves the planing. The multiple foot strap positions are an advantage to easily learn funboarding even in light winds. The round rear, the W hull and the big volume make gybes easier and helps you progress very fast.  Coming back easily when the wind drops: The Techno 293 has three major advantages in those conditions: Its exceptional volume (205 liters), very thick and vertical rails at the mast foot which hook the water in the upwind, and the central removable fin is efficient as a drift.

The cartoon is on the cartoons page.

Race View:
Wind Peaks
  Oct, Nov, Dec '99
Gulf Coast Championships -from Cliff Tudor 
To be held April 8-9 at Brackenridge Plantation on beautiful Lake Texana (7 miles southeast of Edna on State Highway 111). 
This is to be much more than your normal race.  This will be the social event of the year for Houston.  Camping is top notch.  There will be an ABK Camp going on concurrently (Thursday-Saturday).  ABK will provide demos on Sunday with 2000 BIC and Neil Pryde products.  If you are not familiar with this camp, there is no better instruction available.  If you are ready to get good, this is how to do it. This camp is good for the windsurfing beginner all the way to the high speed wanna be.  Saturday night will be a pot luck dinner get together. 
RACING: There will be your usual classes plus  the new TECHNO Fleet. The "TECHNO 283 " fleet is a spin-off of the "Tech 31" Formula 31 which is already being widely used across the world including the Caribbean races like the HI-HO.  Larger boards like the TECHNO can handle substantially larger sails for any given wind condition.  Therefore, limiting to 3 sails is not a hindrance and will help to attract more competitors to this new class.  The only limitations on the equipment should be those of the USWA guidelines and with respect to the limited number of rigs.  There should be no limitations on the number or size of fins, or the kind of footstraps used.  It is very difficult to police limitations like these and this opens the class to petty protests.  In addition to this, a wider range of fins will help to negate weight differences between competitors and will likely help to improve the performance of the board in a broader range of conditions.  The top "TECHNO" Man, Woman, and Masters of the 3 race series (DFW- Lake Whitney, Houston, S. Padre Blowout) will be provided trips to the Islamorada Pro/AM - November, 2000 and TECHNO Champion jackets. 
CLASSES:  Men, Masters 35+, Women, (possible Junior class in the future). 
TECHNO 283 Product to be provided: Adventure Sports and myself will make available 10 charter boards/fins.  The charter fee will be $50 for the event.  The competitor would need to supply their own rigs and any additional fins. For more information, call Cliff at WINDSURFING SPORTS (800) WHY-SAIL or Amy at ABK 415-927-8835, or e-mail her at  info@abksports.com   Talk to Cliff about camping arrangements 
           Oct          Nov         Dec 
 1      22mph     23mph      24mph 
 2      18mph     36mph      38mph 
 3      21mph     22mph      40mph 
 4      26mph     24mph      38mph 
 5      24mph     26mph      32mph 
 6      22mph     21mph      21mph 
 7      18mph     17mph      24mph 
 8      24mph     20mph      33mph 
 9      17mph       18mph      33mph 
 10     18mph       25mph      18mph 
 11     35mph       20mph      40mph 
 12     17mph       17mph      31mph 
 13     28mph       16mph      26mph 
 14     20mph       13mph      35mph 
 15     21mph       20mph      38mph 
 16     22mph       14mph      16mph 
 17     30mph       18mph      20mph 
 18     25mph       28mph      32mph 
 19     24mph       26mph      29mph 
 20     24mph       25mph      29mph 
 21     13mph       28mph      33mph 
 22     15mph       38mph      25mph 
 23     25mph       28mph      32mph 
 24     18mph       33mph      14mph 
 25     20mph       36mph      22mph 
 26     20mph       16mph      13mph 
 27     22mph       22mph      23mph 
 28     24mph       13mph      25mph 
 29     26mph       24mph      16mph 
 30     37mph       28mph      26mph 
 31     31mph            -          19mph 
Whataburger #1- Oleander Pt., Mar. 25...Be there and help out

Volunteers Wanted:  The club sponsored events, both races and fun events, need people to help out on and before the events.  This is particularly true for the U.S. Open.  Last year, the CCWA was a sponsor and had a booth at the Open; but we didn't have sufficient help to man the booth throughout the event.  We don't want that to happen again!  Similarly, other events suffered because of a lack of help.  How about volunteering your help this year?  Just phone an event coordinator and offer some help.
Corpus Christi Windsurfing Association Membership Application

Name:______________________________________Phone: (       )______________

Family membership, list names of family members:_____________________________________

____________________________________E-mail Add:_________________________



Please enclose $20 for individual; $30 for family (1 year membership)

Mail To: CCWA,  PO Box 81453, Corpus Christi, TX  78468

Used Gear: Classified ads are free to members, non-members:  $5.00
Please submit the ads by the 25th of the month.
Mail ads to: LooseClu@prodigy.net
Gastra F1 Race 7.4  1997 or 98.  I got it on sale in 98. Originally listed at Sailboard Warehouse for  $778. -  Asking $175.
Naish Mana 3 Cam 5.3  1997 or 98.  I got it on sale in 98. Originally listed at Sailboard Warehouse for $389 -  Asking 
$125.  Make an offer.  Trade me something.  Contact: sparsons@indetec.com
For more web classifieds, check out the Windsurfing Classifieds at "the other CCWA".

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