They came by ship in 1841 - Agostina, Agricola, Alemena, Alexander, Allan Kerr, Argyle came March, Argyle came April

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Came to Port Phillip in 1841
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They came by ship - British Immigrants who arrived 1841

"Perilous voyages to the new land" Cannon, Michael 1929-, Publisher: Today's Australia, Pub date: 1995, Pages: 238 p. :ISBN: 0646240188
Accounts of immigrant ships to Australia 1840-1850 that reveal often harrowing conditions and experiences, with storms, rickets, disease, irresponsible captains and wild passengers. Chapters also discuss Irish orphan immigration and attempts at reform. With contemporary illustrations, five documentary appendixes, bibliography and index.

"The Somerset years" : Government assisted emigrants from Somerset and Bristol who arrived in Port Phillip/Victoria 1839-1854, CHUK, Florence. Publisher: Pennard Hill, Pub date: (198-) ISBN: 073160136
The introduction of the Bounty System enabled many people from Ireland, as well as from England and Scotland, to migrate to Australia. During the 1830's and 1840's almost half of all assisted migrants were of Irish origin.

The emigration figures for 1841 show that of the people who arrived in Australia there were 4,563 English, 1,616 Scottish, and 13,400 Irish.


arrived 17 Dec 1841, barque 333 tons, Captain William Perry master, from London 4 Aug 1841 and Cork 2 Sep to arrive at Port Phillip Images 154-158 notes
Passenger Mr Moody, William Buckley and Ellen Halloran disallowed bounty, and 104 bounty under Dr Macarthy
Infants Cavanagh and Standley born on board

Crew who received Gratuities - Captain William Perry, EC Mccarthy - Surg Supt, R C Brown, David Butchard, John Wilson - 3 with duties caring for the immigrants

Barque TotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Agostina 11253017613135611104392938
Paid own fare Passenger Mr Moody, two not approved for Bounty

See my Agostina notes for a passenger list etc


arrived 3 Oct 1841, barque 210 tons Captain William Grayson master, from Cork 18 June 1841 to Port Phillip Fiche 4 Page 103 - 139 in 47 families, 45m and 46f. Images 98-106, pages notes 560 ton barque
Passengers Mr and Mrs Archdall, Messrs Bennett, Alison, Mahony, Leige, Henry and Rowland Campion, Ramsay, and Urquahart, 214 bounty immigrants under Dr Baker

The 'Agricola' Chartered on behalf of Jonathan. B. Were, it brought 230 Irish labourers, servants and their families to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, in 1841. Mary Larkin aged 13 was not eligible for Bounty payment of her fare.
Staff Dr Joseph Cox Baker Superintendant, William Grayson Master, James Chambers 1st Mate, Edward Gale 2nd Mate, Lewis Fisher 3rd Mate.
10 males and 1 female paid own fares, 5 died, 3m and 1f were born during the voyage.

60 were ill

on arrival and transferred to the sick camp at Gellibrand

BarqueTotalStaffOtherDiedBornCouplesWith chnHusWivesSonsDaus ChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Agricola 241510542421 4645292146230 1394546
Paid own fare - Passengers Mr and Mrs Archdall, Messrs Bennett, Alison, Mahony, Leige, Henry and Rowland Campion, Ramsay, and Urquahart,

See my Agricola notes for a passenger list etc


arrived 17 Oct 1841, barque 320 tons, Galbraith master, from Leith 20 May, left Rio de Janeiro 5th August, with merchandise and 26 passengers
Passengers Cabin - Messrs Fraser, Kissock, Scott, Boyd, Mill, Dickson, and Miss Dickson, Mr and Mrs Carline/Carfrae and 3 chn, 14 intermediate and steerage passengers

Nov 19 - cleared for Port Adelaide, Passenger Miss Forbes
In the story of the loss of the India we find published in the Port Phillip Patriot on Monday 18 October 1841. - LOSS OF THE INDIA - We stop the press to announce the melancholy intelligence of the loss by fire of the ship India, Captain Hugh Campbell, with emigrants, from Greenock to this port, on 20th July last.
We are indebted for the following particulars to the polite attention of Mr Kissock, a passenger by the Alemena; that it was expected the Grindlay would be ready for sea in about three weeks after the Alemena left Rio de Janeiro (5th August), which vessel conveys the intelligence of the melancholy disaster.

Alemena came with 1 family, 1 brother and sister, and 5 men
Names not known of 14 intermediate and steerage passengers

19 Nov 1841 barque Galbraith master cleared from Melbourne for Port Adelaide


arrived 24 Dec 1841, barque 550 tons, Ramsay master, from London 1 Aug and left Plymouth on 21 Aug 1841 to Port Phillip Images 126-134, notes, 220 Bounty under Dr Campbell under medical supervision of Dr Campbell
103 Protestants and 128 Roman Catholics, In reading and writing, 114 adults do both, 34 can read only and 41 can do neither.
The record left of the Bounty does not give every individual a number. The count as qualified, is - 58 single females, 33 single males, 49 married women and 49 married men, children - males above 15, 2, aged 7 to 15 6m and 6f, aged 1 to 7 - 13m and 7f, under 1 - 3m and 5f, total 232 souls in families 140 worth 2112 pounds, males bounty 627 and females 1102, total bounty 3841 claim.
My list is a combination of Vic and NSW records. Includes 25 Steerage excluded from Bounty payments, 2 Intermediate and 9 in Cabin, Doctor and Ship's Master. About 25 other crew not known

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBornCouplesWith chnHusWivesSonsDausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Alexander 26954103133143435039812391684427
11 others, who paid own fare - JC Langden Esq and lady, Mrs Mossman and 4 chn, Messrs Ledden and Smeak, Intermediate Messrs John Wally and Page.
In all 26 were ruled ineligible for Bounty, incl widow and chn who sailed after Mr Willer died before coming on board.

See my Alexander notes for a passenger list etc

Allan Ker

arrived 27 Nov 1841, barque 600 tons, Archibald McKechnie master, from Greenock 14 Aug 1841 to Port Phillip Images 171-179 notes
Staff Captain Archibald McKechnie, Dr James Martin, 1st Mate John Millar, 2nd Mate Malcolm McGechnie, 3rd Mate David Rintoul
11 Cabin Passengers - Mrs Jane Martin, Mr Gidian S Lang, Mr Thomas Thompson, Mr William Ferguson, Mr Walter Greir, Mr John Jeffry, Mr John Horn, Mr Francis Atkinson, Mr James Robertson, Mrs Mary Campbell, Miss Maria Campbell,
Steerage - Henry O'neill, William Hill, Robert Haldene, John Russell
250 immigrants under Dr Martin who reported 6 children died, also Mrs Sarah Paine died of comsumption and child birth.
Gratuities totalling 204 pounds were claimed for 240 souls landed, including 4 males and 2 females born, less 1 female adult and 6 children who died during the voyage.
10 not eligible for Bounty payment including Margaret Stafford refused Bounty, a complicated story of events after the passengers were landed.

20 Dec 1841 cleared from Melbourne for Bombay. Passenger Colin Campbell Esq

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Allan Ker 27553033133143435039812391684427
11 Cabin and 4 Steerage paying passengers

See my Allan Ker notes for a passenger list etc

Argyle - March

arrived 1 Mar 1841 barque 700 tons from London via Plymouth 11 Nov, and St Jago 6 Dec to Port Phillip [assisted emigrant passengers] 1841 [Mar 1] Images b126-134, with Agent Messrs Thomas, Enxor and James, merchants of Port Phillip, John Gatenby - Master and Doctor James Newman - Superintendant and 228 Bounty emigrants - 95 souls in 33 families, 54 single males and 55 single females, total 204 souls claimed 3505 pounds Bounty money (slide b134)
Also Crew - Bosun James Flatt, James Adams, Master John Gatenby, Alfred Gifford, John Green and Dr James Newman, in charge of passengers. 2 deaths and 7 births
The 36 Fare paying passengers were :-
Captain Richard Hanmer Bunbury who was appointed a magistrate in 1841, and Mrs Bunbury, and infant,
Mrs Georgiana McCrae with sons Alexander, Farquhar, George and William Mccrae who came to join her husband Andrew.
John Fitget 33 and Marianne Fitget 29 with John 5, Margaret Mary 2 and infant William J Fitget,
Thomas Leishman 39 and Anne Leishman 35 with Richard 13, Margaret 11, Robert 9, Marian 5 and Alison 2,
Robert and Mrs Sconce, William Anderson, W Campbell, William Dawson, Martin Henry Fox, Edward Gregsley, Hamilton Irvine, Thomas Mason, C Hamilton Mcknight, Alexr Merrack, F Minton, Edward Orr, Jepson Quarry, William Slack, William George Steel.

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Argyle March 2455360018153333191229204955455
36 others, who paid own fare, plus infant.

See my Argyle March notes for a passenger list etc

Argyle - April

arrived 12 Apr 1841, ship 634 tons, Rattery master, from Liverpool 7 Nov 1840 and Cape of Good Hope 6 Feb, to Port Phillip arrival under AB Smith of Sydney, Images b151-160
Captain Henry Rattray, surgeon Dr Jeffrey James Keatinge who later wed passenger Margaret Nelson.
4 adults and 16 children died before reaching Capetown, another 25 died before arriving at Port Phillip.

255 in steerage reported 44 deaths mainly children and during the voyage, attributed to dysentry - 44 families with 164 souls, 17 simgle males and 46 single females, total 227 souls, being 79 Catholics and 148 Protestants, 124 could read, 105 could write, claimed 3492 pounds Bounty money

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Argyle April 23351211123144434937742271651745
Passengers who paid own fare, Cabin Mr and Mrs Jones, Messrs Furnis, Finch and Perry,
Intermediate Mr and Mrs Scales and 5 chn, Mr Wilson,

See my Argyle April notes for a passenger list etc

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