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    Table of Prefixes and Suffixes

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    a Latin not, without atypical
    ab Latin away from, off from, away abdicate
    acantho Greek spiny acanthocephalan
    acro Greek height, extremity acrophobia, acropolis
    act Latin move, do actuate
    actino Greek radioactivity actinometer
    ad Latin to, toward admit
    adeno Greek gland adenocarcinoma
    aeri, aero Greek air aerialist, aerobatics
    ag Latin move, do agitate
    agro Latin field, soil agriculture, agricologist
    algo Greek pain algophobia
    allo Greek other allochthenous, allonym
    alti Latin high altitude
    ambi Latin both ambidextrous
    amphi Greek both, two, on both sides amphitheater
    amvlo Greek starch amylolvsis, amylopsin
    an Greek not, without anarchy
    ana Greek up, backward, excessively anachronism
    ancylo Greek hook, joint ancylostomiasis
    andro Greek male androsterone
    anemo Greek wind anemograph
    angio Greek vessel, container angiosperm
    anglo Latin English Anglo-American, anglomania
    anhydr Greek waterless anhydrous
    aniso Greek unequal, uneven anisogamous
    ano Greek up, upper, upward anoopsia
    ante Latin before, preceding, prior to antecedent
    antero Latin front, fore anteroom
    antho Greek flower, or collection of anthology
    anthrac Greek coal, carbon, carbunole anthracrose
    anthropo Greek man anthropology
    anti Greek against antipathy
    anto Greek opposite of, substitute antonym
    apo Greek not clear, away, from, off apocrypha
    arch Greek final, chief monarch, archbishop
    archeo Greek primitive archeozoic
    areo Greek the planet Mars areocentric, areology
    argent Latin silver argenteous, argentine
    aristo Greek best aristocratic
    arith Greek number arithmancy, arithmetic
    arterio Greek artery arterioscierosis
    arthro Greek joint, jointed arthropod
    artio Greek even number artiodactyl
    asco Greek sac ascomycete
    aster Greek star asterick
    astro Greek star astrology, astronaut
    atmo Greek air atmosphere
    audio Latin hear, hearing audible, auditorium
    auri Latin gold or ear auriferous, auricle
    austro Latin south austronesia
    auto Greek self, same autograph
    auxo Greek growth, increase auxochrome
    avi Latin bird aviary, aviation
    azo Greek containing nitrogen azobenzene
    bacci Latin berry baccivorous
    baro Greek weight, pressure barograph
    batho Greek depth bathometer
    be W.Germany about, around, all over bedecked
    bi Latin two, twice bicuspid
    biblio Greek book Bible, bibliography
    bin Latin two, two at a time binary, binocular
    bio Greek life biography, biology
    blasto Greek embryo blastosphere
    blephar Greek eyelid blepharitis
    brachio Greek arm brachiopod
    brachy Greek short brachycephalicc
    brady Greek slow bradykinetic
    branchio Greek gills brachiopod
    brevi Latin short brevier, brevity
    bucc Latin check, mouth buccat, buccinatar
    by Greek near, secondary, incidental bypath, byproduct
    caco Greek bad cacodemon
    calci Latin calcium salt, calcite, chalk calciferous
    calli Greek beautiful calligraphy, callipygian
    calori Latin heat calorimeter
    capit, caput Latin head capitulate, capitalize
    capri Latin goat capricious
    cardio Greek heart cardiogram
    carpo Greek fruit, wrist carpophore
    cata, cath Greek down, against, in accordance catalogy
    caulo Latin stalk, stem caulicle, cauliflower
    ced Latin move, yield cede, secede
    ceno Greek new, recent, common cenogenesis, cenobite
    centi Latin one hundred centenarian, centennial
    cerat Greek horn ceratodus
    cero Grrek wax cerotype
    cess Latin move, yield cessation, progress
    cet Latin whale cetacean
    chaeto Greek hair chaetopod
    chalco Greek copper chalcalithic
    chemo Greek chemical, chemism chemical, chemist
    chiro Greek hand chiromancy
    chlor Greek green chlorine
    chole Greek bile, gall cholesterol
    chorio Greek chorion, choroid chorioallantois
    chrom Greek color chromatic, Kodachrome
    chromato Greek color, colored chromatin, chromatophore
    chrono Greek time chronometer, chronological
    chryso Greek gold chrysolite
    circum Latin around circumspect
    cis Latin on the near side of cisalpine, cisatlantic
    cit Latin rouse or call incite, cite
    clado Greek branch cladophyll
    clam Latin call, cryout clamor, declaim
    clar Latin clear clarion, clarify
    claus Latin shut claustrophobia, clause
    cleisto Greek closed, capable of being closed cleistogamy
    clino Latin slope clinometer
    co, col, com, con, cor Latin together with correlate
    coel Greek cavity coelenteron
    contra Latin against, opposite contradict
    copro Greek dung, filth, obscenity coporology
    cord Latin heart accord, cordial
    corp Latin body corporal, corpse
    cosmo Greek world, universe cosmonaut
    counter M. English against, contrary, opposite, parallel countermain, counterbalance, counterfeit
    cranio Greek size, shape, characteristics of the human skull craniology, craniotomy
    cred Latin to believe, belief credence, credible
    cresc Latin gown, rise crescendo
    crypto Greek secret, hidden cryptic, cryptogram
    crystalli, crystallo Greek crystal crystallization, crystallographic
    cteno Greek comb ctenophora
    cupri Latin copper cupriferous
    curr, curs Latin run current, cursive
    cyano Greek dark blue coloring, poisonous acid cyanotype
    cyclo Greek cycle cyciohexane
    cymo Greek wave cymograph
    cyto Greek cell cytoplasm
    dactylo Greek finger, toe dactylogram
    de Latin remove from, take away, out of ten depose
    deca Greek ten deimate, decade, decagon
    deci French tenth deciliter, decibel
    demi French half, lesser demivolt, demitasse
    demo Greek people democracy, epidemic
    dendro Greek tree dendrology
    denti Latin tooth denticle, dentition
    dermato Greek skin dermatology, epidermis
    deutero Greek second deuterocanonical, deuterogamy
    dextro Latin right destrogyrate
    di Greek two dialogue
    dia Greek through, across, between diameter
    dic, dict Latin say dictate, predict, dictaphone
    dicho Greek in two parts, in pairs dichotomy
    dino Greek terrible dinothere
    diplo Greek double, in pairs diplococcus
    dipso Greek alcoholic, an alcoholic dipsomania
    dis Latin apart from reversing dissuade
    dodeca Greek twelve dodecagon
    dolicho Greek long or narrow dolichocephalic
    domin Latin master dominion, dominate
    dox Greek opinion doxy
    duc Latin lead ductile, conduct
    duo Greek two duodecillion, duologue
    dupl Latin double, two sided duplicate, duplicity
    dyna Greek power dynamo, dynamic
    dys Greek ill, bad dysfunction
    ecclesio Greek church ecclesiology
    echino Greek sea urchin echinoderm
    eco Greek household, environment economy, ecodice
    ecto Greek outer, outside, external ectoderm
    ego Latin self egocentric, egotistical
    electro Greek electrical, electronic electrocardiograph
    en French in, into enamored
    encephalo Greek brain encephalograph
    endo Greek within endocardial
    ennea Greek nine enneahedron
    entrero Greek intestine enterostomy
    ento Greek within entoderm
    entomo Greek insect entomology
    eo Greek primeval eohippus
    epi Greek upon, over, enar, at, befroe epigram
    equi Latin equal equidistant
    eroto Greek sexual desire erotomania
    erythro Greek red erythrocyte
    ethno Greek race, culture, people ethnography
    etio Greek cause etiology
    etym Greek pertaining to historical linguistic etymologize, etymon
    eu Greek well, good eugenics, eulogy
    eury Greek broad, wide eurythermal
    ex Latin out of, beyond, without exhale, ex-governor
    exo Greek outside, outer, exterior exodus
    extra, extro Latin outside, beyond extrajudicial, extraterritorial
    fac Latin to make, do factor, factitive
    facil Latin easy facile, facility
    fact Latin to make, do factor
    feri Latin fever febriferous
    ferri, ferro Latin iron ferriferous, ferroconcrete
    fibro Latin fiber fibroblast
    fid Latin faith fidelity
    fin Latin end finally, finish
    fissi Latin cleft fissiparous
    flavo Latin yellow flavopurpurin
    flect, flex Latin bend flection flexible
    flori Latin flower floriferous
    fluoro Latin containing fluorine fluorocarbon
    for M. English away, off, wrongly, extremely forbid, forbear, forswear
    fore Latin in front of (time, position) forecast
    fort Latin strong fortitude, discomfort
    fratri Latin brother fratricide
    fructi Latin fruit fructiferous
    galacto Greek milk galactopoietic
    gamo Greek united gamopetalous
    gastro Greek stomach gastrology
    gen Latin race genteel, progenitor
    gen Greek birth progeny, eugenics
    geo Greek earth geopolitics, geography
    geronto Greek old age gerontology
    giga Greek giant, billion gigameter
    glosso, glotto Greek tongue, language glossology, glottochronology
    glyco Greek sweet glycoside
    gonio Greek angle goniometer
    gono Greek sexual, reproduction gonophore
    grapho Greek writing graphology
    gymno Greek named, bare, exposed bymnosperm
    gyneco Greek female gynecologist
    gyno Greek female gynophore
    gyro Greek ring, circle, spiral gyromagnetic
    hagio Greek saint, holy hagiography
    halo Greek salt halophyte
    haplo Greek single, simple haplogy
    hecto Greek hundred hectograph
    helico Greek spiral helicoid
    helio Greek sun heliocentric
    hemato Greek blood hematologist
    hemi Greek half or partial hemisphere
    hemo Greek blood hemophiliac
    hendeca Greek eleven hendecasyllable
    hepato Greek liver hepatitis
    hepta Greek seven heptagon
    hetero Greek different, other heterogeneous, heterodox
    hexa Greek six hexagon
    hiero Greek sacred, priestly hierocracy
    hippo Greek horse hippodrome
    histo Greek tissue histology
    holo Greek whole, entire holohedral
    homeo Greek similar homeostatic
    homo Greek same homogeneous, homologous
    hyalo Greek glass hyaloplasm
    hydro Greek water hydrant
    hyeto Greek rain hyetology
    hygro Greek wet, moist, moisture hygrometer
    hylo Greek wood, mater hylophagous
    hymeno Greek membrane hymenopteron
    hyper Greek over hypersensitive
    hypno Greek sleep, hypnosis hypnotherapy
    hypso Greek height, altitude hypsometer
    hypo Greek under, beneath hypodermic
    hystero Greek uterus hysterotomy
    iatro Greek healer, medicine, healing iatrogenic
    ichthyo Greek fish ichthyology
    icono Greek image, likeness iconology
    ideo Greek idea ideology
    il, im, in, ir Latin into, not (as an adjective) infuse, irrevocable
    infanti Latin child infanticide, infantile
    infra Latin below infrasonic, infrared
    irido Latin rainbow, iridescent, iris (of the eye), Iris (the genus), iridium iridosmine, iridotomy
    iso Greek equal isochromatic
    inter, intra, intro Latin getween, among, together, within intercede, intramural, introduction
    jun, junct Latin join adjunct, junction
    jur Latin law, pertainint to jural, jurisical, jurisdiction
    juxt Latin beside, near juxtaposition
    karyo Greek nucleus of a cell karyotin
    kerato Greek horn, horned keratogenous
    kilo Greek one thousand kilocycle
    klepto Greek a thief kleptomania
    kymo Greek wave kymograph
    labio Latin lip labiodental
    lacto Latin milk lactometer
    laparo Greek flank or abdominal wall laparotomy
    laud, laudat Latin praise applause, laudable
    lect Latin gather, choose, read lecture, collect, elect
    legis Latin law legislature
    lepido Greek scale lepidopteron
    lepto Greek thin, fine, slight leptosome
    let Latin gather, choose, read letter
    leuco Greek white leucoderma
    levo Latin an object that rotates the left place of polarized light levorotation
    lex Latin law lexloci, lexscripta
    ligni Latin wood ligniform
    lipo Greek fat liposuction
    litho Greek stone lithography, monolith
    loco Latin from place to place locomotion
    locut Latin speak elocution
    llogo Greek word, speech logography
    longi Latin long longicorm
    loqu Latin speech loquacious
    luc Latin light lucidity, elucidate
    lumb Latin loin lumbar
    luni Latin moon lunitidal
    lys Greek loosening, decomposition lysin
    macro Greek large, long, great, excessive macrocosm, macroscopic
    magni Latin great, large magnanimous, magnificent
    mal French bad, wrongful malfunction, malcontent
    malaco Greek soft malacopterygian
    male Latin evil malediction
    man Latin hand work, able to handle manual
    mania Greek craze, craving megalomania
    manu Latin handle manual
    matri Latin mother matriarch, matrilineal
    maxi Latin very long, very large, of the greatest scope or intensity maximal, maxiservice
    medi Latin middle mediate
    medico Latin medical medicus
    mega Greek great, large megacephalic, megalomania
    megalo Greek bigness, exaggeration, extravagance megalomania
    melan Greek black melanoma
    meno Greek month menology
    mero Greek partial, part meroblastic
    meso Greek middle mesocephalic
    meta Greek with, after, over, beyond metamorphosis
    metallo Greek metal metallography
    micro Greek small microscope, microphone
    midi English of a mid-calf length midiskirt
    milli Latin one thousand millennium
    mini Latin very short, small, lightweight on a small scale miniskirt, minicar, minicalculator
    mis Latin ill, mistaken, wrong, wrongly misunderstood
    miso Greek hatred of misogynist
    mono Greek one monogram
    morpho Greek form morphology
    mov Latin set in motion move
    multi Latin many, more than two multitude
    myceto Greek fungus mycetozoan
    myco Greek fungus mycology
    myelo Greek marrow, of the spinal cord myeloid
    myo Greek muscle myology
    myrmeco Greek ant myrmecology
    mytho Greek legendary stories mythographer, mythologist
    myxo Greek mucus, slime myxomycete
    namo Latin dwarf, one billionth namometer
    naso Latin nose nasopharynx
    necro Greek dea, corpse, death necrology, necrolatry
    nemat Greek thread nematocyst
    neo Greek new, recent neologism
    nepho Greek cloud nephograph
    nephro Greek kidney nephrosis
    neuro Greek nerve, sinew, tender neurology
    neutro Latin neutral neutrosphere
    nitro Greek indicating the nitrate group nitroglycerin, nitrocellulose
    nocti Latin night noctilucent
    nomo Greek custom, law nomology
    non Latin not nonpayment
    nona Latin nine nonagenarian
    noso Greek disease nosology
    noto Greek the back notochord
    nudi Latin naked, bare nudibranch
    nulli Latin none, null nullify
    num Latin pertaining to numbers numbers, numberology
    nycto Latin night or darkness nyctophobia
    nym Latin girl, women, female nymphet, nymphomania
    ob, oc, of, op Latin toward, to, against, upon obdurate
    octa Greek eight octave
    oculo Latin eye, ocular oculomotor
    odonto Greek tooth odontology
    office Latin duty officer, official
    oleo Latin oil oleograph
    oligo Greek few, little oligopoly
    omni Latin all omnibus
    omphalo Greek naval, umbilical omphalos
    onom Greek words, names, pertaining to onomastic, onomatopoeia
    onto Greek being ontogeny
    oo Greek egg oogamous
    oophor Greek ovary oophoritis
    ophthalmo Greek eve opthalmologist
    opto Greek optic, vision optometrist
    orchido Greek orchid, testicle orchidology
    organo Greek organ of the body, organic organology
    ornitho Greek bird ornithology
    oro Greek mountain, mouth orography, orotund
    ortho Greek straight, upright, right orthoclastic, orthodontist
    osm Greek smell osmium
    osteo Greek bone osteoclesis
    oto Greek ear otology
    ovi Latin egg oviferous
    oxy Greek sharp, acute, keen, pointed, acid oxygen, oxymoron
    ozo Greek smell ozocerite
    pac Latin peace pacific, pacify
    paleo Greek old paleobotany
    pan Greek all panacea
    para Greek near, beyond, aside, guard parachute, paradigm
    pari Latin equal paripinnate
    parri Latin father, mother, or other close relative parricide
    patho Greek suffering, feeling, disease pathology
    patri Greek father patriarch, patrilineal
    pedati Latin having a foot or feet pedate
    pedi Latin foot pediform
    pedo Greek child or soil pedology
    pene Latin almost peneplain
    penta Greek five pentagon, pentamic
    pend Latin hang, weight pendant
    per Latin throughout, completely permit
    peri Greek around, beyond periscope
    petro Greek rock, stone petrology
    phago Greek eating phagocyte
    pharmaco Greek drug pharmacology
    pharyngo Greek the tude or cavity that connects the mouth and nasal passages with the esophagus pharyngology
    pheno Greek shining phenocryst
    philo Greek loving philosophy
    phlebo Greek veing phlebotomy
    phono Greek sound phonograph, phonometer
    photo Greek light photograph, photogenic
    phreno Greek mind, diaphragm phrenology
    phyco Greek seaweed, algae phycomycetous
    phyllo Greek leaf phylloclade
    phylo Greek race, tribe phylogenic
    physio Greek nature, physical physiology, physics
    physo Greek bladder physostigmine
    phyto Greek plant phytogenesis
    pico Spanish one trillionth picometer
    picro Greek bitter picrotoxin
    pili Latin hair piliform
    pilo Greek felt pilosarpine
    pisci Latin fish piscivorous
    plagio Greek oblique plagioclase
    plano Greek moving, capable of movement planography
    plano Latin flat, plane planograph
    plasto Greek formed, molded plastometer
    platino Latin platinum platinotype
    platy Greek flat, broad platyhelminth
    plen Latin full plenty, replenish
    pleuro Greek side, rib, lateral, pleura pleuropneumonia
    pleo Greek more pleonasm
    plex, plic Latin bend, bold plexiglass, duplicate, plicate
    plio Greek more pliocene
    pluri Latin several, many pluril
    pneumato Greek air, breath, spirit pneumatology, pneumatophore
    pneumo Greek air, respiration, lungs pneumococcus
    pneumono Greek lung pneumonoconiosis
    poly Greek many polychrome
    pos Latin place, put postpone
    post Latin after, behind, later postpone
    pre Latin before prefix, preview
    preter Latin beyond, more than, by, past preterit, preterhuman
    pro Greek forward proceed
    procto Greek anus, rectum proctoscope
    protero Greek earlier, before, former proterozoic
    proto Greek first, foremost, earliest form protomartyr, photoplasm
    pseudo Greek false, unreal pseudonym
    psycho Greek mind psychology, psychic
    psychro Greek cold psychrometer
    ptero Greek wing, feather pterodactyl
    pycno Greek dense, close, thick pycnometer
    pyelo Greek pelvis pyelitis
    pyo Greek pus pyoderma
    pyro Greek fire, heat pyromaniac, pyre
    quadri Latin four quadrupled
    quasi Latin half, partly, resembling quasi-official, quasi-judicial
    quin Greek five quintuplet
    ram Scand strong, sharp rambunctious
    re Latin back, again return, reread
    recti Latin right, straight rectilinear
    regi Latin king regicide, regime
    reni Latin kidney reniform
    retro Latin backward retrogress
    rheo Greek flow, current, stream rheoscope
    rhino Greek nose rhinology
    rhizo Greek root rhizocarpous
    rhodo Greek rose rhodolite
    roto Latin roatary rotogravure
    salu Latin healthy salubrius, salutary
    sacchar Greek sugar saccharin
    sacro Greek flesh sarcocarp
    sapro Greek rotten saprogenic
    sauro Greek lizard sauropod
    scapho Greek boat scaphoid
    scie Latin know conscience, science
    schizo Greek split schizogensis
    sclero Greek hard sclerometer
    scrib, script Latin write describe, ascribe, scripture
    se Latin aside, apart secede, seduce
    sect Latin cut intersect, section
    sed Latin to sit, put under or entice sedentary
    seleno Greek moon selenography
    semi Latin half or partial semicircle
    sen Latin old senile, senior
    sense, sent Latin feel sensitive, sentiment
    sept Latin seven septillion, septendecillion
    seque Latin follow sequence
    seric Latin silk sericin
    servo Latin slave, servant servometer
    sesqui Latin one and a half sesquicentennial
    sess Latin set session
    seti Latin bristle setiform
    sex Latin sex sextant
    sidero Greek iron siderolite
    sidero Latin flint, silica, silicon siliciferous
    sinistr Latin left, on the left sinsitral
    sino Latin chinese Sinologist
    siphono Greek tube, siphon siphonophore
    sito Greek grain, food sitosterol
    socio Latin social sociological, sociometry
    soli Latin alone, solitary, or sun solitary, solitude
    solut, solv Latin loosen solution, solvent
    somato Greek body somatotype
    soni Latin sound sonic
    soph Greek wise philosopher, sophistry
    soror Latin sister sororate, sorority
    spe, spect Latin look speciosity, spectator
    spel Latin caves or words, pertaining to speleology, spell
    spermato Greek seed, sperm spermatocyte
    spermo Greek seed, germ, semen spermophyte
    sphen Greek wedge sphenoid
    sphygmo Latin the pulse sphygmograph
    spiro Latin respiration, coil, spiral spirograph, spirochete
    splanchno Greek ciscera splanchnic
    spleno Greek pertaining to an organ in man alone the stomach splenomegaly
    sta Latin stand firm stable, stationary
    staphylo Greek bunch of grapes, uvula staphyloplasty
    stearo Greek fat stearoptene
    steato Greek fat, tallow steatopygia
    stego Greek cover stegasaur
    stell Latin star stelligerous
    steno Greek narrow, close stenosis
    step English a family connection of remarriage of a parent. not by blood stepbrother
    stereo Greek solid pertaining to hardness solidity, three-dimensional sterochemistry, sterogram, steroscope
    stetho Greek chest stethoscope
    stomato Greek mouth stomatoplasty
    strepto Greek twined streptococcus
    struct Latin build structure
    stylo Greek column, pillar, tube stylolite
    stylo Latin style, styloid stylography
    sub, suc, suf, sug, sup, sus Latin under, subordinate subterranean
    subter Latin under, below subterfuge, subternatural
    sui Latin self suicide, suijuris
    sum, supt Latin spend, take up, total consume, consumption
    super Latin over, above, above in position supercilious, supervisor
    supra Latin above, equivalent to super, but emplasizing location or position supraorbital
    sy, sym, syn Latin with, along with, at the same time sympathy, synchronized
    tachisto Greek swiftest tachistoscope
    taco Greek speed tachometer
    tachy Greek swift tachygraphy
    tali Latin ankle taligrade
    tauro Greek/Latin bull tauromachy
    tauto Greek same tautonym
    taxo Greek arrangement, order taxonomy
    techno Greek art, skill technique, technography
    tele Greek far, distand or end, complete telegraphy, telescope, telestitch
    ten Latin hold tenacious
    tend, tens Latin stretch, proceed extend, tendency, tension
    teno Greek tendon tenotomy
    ter Latin thrice, three tercen, terary, tercet
    terato Greek monster teratology
    tetarto Grek one fourth tetartohedral
    tetra Greek four tetrameter
    thanato Greek death thanatopsis
    thaumato Greek miracle, wonder thaumatology
    theo Greek god thearchy, theanthropic, theocracy
    thio Greek sulfur thionic, thionin
    thoraco Greek a part of the trunk between the neck and abdomen in man and higher vertebrates thoracoplasty
    thrombo Greek blood clot thrombocyte
    tomo Greek a cut, section thomgraphy
    topo Greek place, local topography, topology
    tort Latin to twist torticallis
    toti Latin entire, entirely totipalmation
    toxico Greek poison, poisonous toxicogenic
    toxo Latin poison, poisonous toxoplasmosis
    tracheo Latin the esophogus tracheotomy
    trans Latin across, beyond transit
    trapezo Greek table, trapezium trapexohedron
    tri Latin three tricycle, triangle
    tricho Greek hair trichocyst
    tropho Greek nourishment trophoplasm
    tropo Greek turn, turning tropophilous
    turri Latin tower turrical
    ultra Latin going beyond, excessive ultramodern, ultraviolet
    un Latin not, negative or opposite unfair, unformed
    under Latin? lower in place, situation, grade, dignity, degree, extent or amount underbrush, understudy, undersized, underfeed
    uni Latin one unilateral
    urano Greek heavens uranography
    urb Latin city urban
    uro   urine or tail urology, uropod
    uxor Latin wife uxorial, uxorious
    varico Latin varicose, veins varicocele
    vaso Latin vessel vasoconstrictor
    vati Latin prophet, pertaining to vaticide, vaticinal
    ventri Latin abdomen ventricose
    ver Latin true, truth verily, veritable
    vermi Latin worm vermifuge
    vers, vert Latin changeable, whirl or spinning converse, reverse, vertical
    vice Latin in place of, deput viceroy
    vict Latin conquer victory
    vid, vis Latin see evident, provision
    vini, vino Latin wine viniculture, vinosity
    vit Latin live, life vitality
    vitri Latin glass vitriform
    vivi Latin living, life vivacious, vivisection
    voc Latin call vocation, invoke
    with Latin against, away withstand
    xantho Greek yellow xanthophyll
    xeno Greek alien, strange, guest xenolith
    xero Greek dry xerophyte
    xylo Greek wood xylotomy
    yester English previous occurrence yesterday, yesternight
    zoo Greek animal, living being zodiac, zoology
    zygo Greek yoke, yoked, yoke-shaped zygodactyl
    zymo Greek ferment, leaven zymology





    -abio life, production of or absence of abiogenesis, abiotic
    -able capable of, worthy of, tending to, or having the quality of noticeable
    -acea, -aceae a specific class, family or order crustacea, rosaceae
    -acious capable of, worhty of, tending to, or having the quality of capacious, pugnacious
    -acity quality of, abounding in tenacity
    -acv state of being, or quality, state of pertaining to accuracy
    -ad derived form related to olympiad
    -ade action or process, a person or persons acting renegade
    -age state of being, or quality, state of pertaining to marriage, hostage
    -agogue leading, leader, course, withdrawing agent synagogue
    -al state of being, or quality, state of marital, causal
    -an designating or belong to, state, quality, act or condition artisan, guardian
    -ance designating or belong to, sate, quality, act or condition brilliance
    -ancy designating or belong to, sate, quality, act or condition agency
    -androus male polyandrous
    -andry males polyandry
    -ant one who acts registrant
    -anthrop man philanthropy
    -ar pertaining to, connected with secular
    -ar one who acts bursar
    -arch final chief monarch
    -archy rule, government monarchy
    -ard one who acts ignominiously or does something excessively drunkard, coward
    -art one who acts ignominiously or does something excessively braggart
    -ary pertaining to, connected with elementary
    -aster imperfect resembles or merely apes the true thing criticaster
    -ate possessing or being diminutive, a state or condition, one who acts incapacitate
    -ble capable of, worthy of, tending to or having the quality of voluble
    -bulia will abulia
    -cade procession cavalcade, motorcade
    -ced move, yield recede, secede
    -cele tumor variocele
    -cern distinguish discern, concern
    -cess move, yield progress
    -chroic color of skin, plants  
    -chrom color Kodachrome
    -cide killing, act of insecticide
    -cious capable of, worthy of, tending to or having the quality of pugnacious, capacious
    -cit having the quality of rouse or call incite
    -clam call, cry out declaim
    -clasis a breaking thromboclasis
    -claud shut seclude, exclude
    -cle possessing or being, diminutives, a state or condition, one who acts particle
    -clino lean decline, incline
    -clud shut seclude
    -coele cavity blastocoele
    -colous inhabiting nidicolous
    -corn horn, horned longicorn
    -costo rib costatomy
    -cracy rule democracy, theocracy
    -crat ruler, member of ruling body autocrat, technocrat
    -cret grown, rise secretion
    -crete distinguish discrete
    -cule possessing or being, diminutives, small molecule
    -cy state of being, or quality, state of, pertaining to hestiancy
    -cyst cell trichocyst
    -dactyl finger, toe pterodactyl
    -dem people epidemic
    -derm skin epidermis
    -dendrom tree rhododendron
    -dic say predict
    -dom possessing or being, diminutive a state or condition, one who acts martyrdom, serfdom
    -drome running, course, or race course hippodrome, airdrome
    -duct lead conduct
    -ectomy excision tonsillectomy
    -eer possessing or being, one who acts auctioneer, engineer
    -efy rull of, abounding in, to make, stae of defy, rarefy
    -el to make into, to practice, diminutive feel
    -emia state or condition of blood hyperemia
    -en made of, to make of, suggesting small leaden, lessen, weaken
    -ennial yearly centennial, perennial
    -ent, -er one who acts student, teacher
    -ery occupation, businees, calling or condition archery, cutlery, grocery
    -escence action or process, change, stae or condition convalescense
    -ese small or diminutive, one who acts in the manner of celanese, hournalese
    -esque small or diminutive, one who acts in the manner of grotesque, picturesque
    -ess small or diminutive, one who acts in the manner of waitress
    -ette small or diminutive, one who acts in the manner of dinette, statuette
    -facient that makes or causes something febrifacient
    -fer bear, carry transfer, offer
    -ferous of, or relating to, bringing yielding, making or causing odoriferous, carboniferous
    -fest a festive occasion songfest
    -fex maker spinifex
    -fic of, or relating to, bringing, yielding pacific, soporific
    -fid divided, labed pinnatifid
    -florous flowered, having flowers uniflourous
    -fold of so many parts twofold, manifold
    -folious having leaves unifolious
    -fuge something that puts to flight vermifuge
    -ful full of, abounding in, to make, state of cheerful, masterful
    -fy to make, cause, render, become magnify, amplify, unify
    -gam marriage misogamy, polygamy
    -gamous united polygamous
    -gen production of endogen, hydrogen
    -genic producing, pertaining to a gene or genes protogenic
    -geny origin phylogeny
    -gerous hearing, producing armigerous
    -glot tongue, language polyglot
    -gnathous jaw prognathous
    -gnomy knowledge physiognomy, prognosis
    -gon angled, angular polygon, pentagon
    -gony production, genesis theogony, cosmogony
    -grade step retrograde
    -gram write, written monogram
    -graph write, written paragraph, steographer
    -gyno woman misogynist
    -gynous female sex androgynous
    -gyny female androgyny
    -head stae of being godhead, maidenhead
    -hedron face tetrahedron
    -hood full of abounding in, to make, state of designating or belong to childhood, neighborhood
    -ian designating or belong to guardian
    -iatry medical care psychiatry
    ible capable of, worth of, tending to, or having the quality of credible, horrible
    -ic of, pertaining to, similar or like moronic, historic
    -ical of, pertaining to, similar or like historical
    -ice act, quality, or state pertaining to like, one who acts bustice, cowardice
    -ier possessing or being, diminutives stae or condition, one who acts furrier
    -ify full of, abounding in, to make state of, move, do testify
    -ig move, do exigency
    -il act, quality or state, pertaining to, like one who acts civil
    -ile (fem) act, quality or state, pertaining to, like one who acts servile
    -in pertaining to coffin, cousin
    -ine act, quality or state, pertaining to, like one who acts heroine
    -ing expressing action running, growing
    -ion state, condition or act of insurrection, exhaustion
    -ise quality, condition or function franchise, merchandise
    -ish acting like, in the nature of, or similar to impish, selfish, mannish
    -ism art of, philosophy of, practice of liberalism, Americanism
    -ist one who acts philanthropist, atheist
    -ite possessing or being, diminutives, a state or condition, one who acts favorite
    -ity condition, sate or degree to gratuity, plenty
    -ive having the natture of, giving or tending toward imaginative, collective
    -ize to make into, to practice mesmerize, familiarize
    -ject hurl or throw eject, projectile
    -lagnia coming together algolagnia
    -lalia speech defect acholalia
    -latry worship idolatry
    -lateral side unilateral, multilateral
    -le full, abounding in teakettle, icicle
    -lent full of, abounding in violent, fraudulent
    -lepsy seizure epilepsy
    -less without, beyond the fearless, useless
    -like resembling childlike
    -lith stone monolith
    -locut speck elocution
    -logue speech monologue, dialogue
    -loguy talk soliloquy, somniloguy
    -logy knowledge, termination in writing, or in collection theology, martyrology
    -ly similar in manner dearly, fully, carefully
    -lysis a breaking down, loosening, decomposition analysis, electrolysis, paralysis
    -machy fighting logomachy
    -mancy divination necromancy
    -mania exaggerated desire or love bibliomania
    -megaly enlargement acromegaly
    -melia a specific condition of the limbs phocomelia
    -ment state, quality, or act of detriment, entanglement
    -mere part blastomere
    -merous having parts (specified number or type) dimerous
    -meter measure thermometer, barometer
    -metric measure geometric
    -metry measure chronometry
    -mnesia denting a certain type of memory paramnesia
    -mo used to describe book sizes sixteenmo, duodecimo
    -mony abstract condition, state or condition acrimony, ceremony
    -mycetes fungi myxomycetes
    -nastic, -nasty Bot: irregularity of cellular grown because of some pressure hyponasty
    -ness abstract condition, state or condition conscienceness
    -noia thought paranoia
    -nomy distribution, arrangement, management economy, astronomy
    -nov new renovation
    -ode like, way, read phyllode, anode, electrode
    -odue tooth ceratodus
    -odynia pain pododynia
    -oid resembling, like alkaloid, ovoid
    -ology any science or branch of knowledge meterorology, technology
    -onym word, name pseudonym
    -opia a condition or sight, or of the visual organs diplopia, remenalopia
    -opsis apparent liken as coreopsis
    -or a person or thing that acts actor, elevator, traitor
    -orexia desire, appetite anorexia
    -orium a place or an instrument emporium, moratorium
    -ory of, pertaining to, place of, or far auditory, prohibitory
    -ose full of, abounding in, given to, like jocose, otiose, verbose
    -osis action, process, state, condition metamorphosis, tuberculosis
    -otic relationship to an action, process, state or condition hypnotic, neurotic
    -ous state or quality furious
    -par make ready prepare
    -parat make ready preparation
    -parous bearing, producing oyiparous, viviparous
    -pathy suffering, feeling sympathy, telepathy
    -pel urge, drive propel
    -penia deficiency leukopenia
    -peri around, beyond periscope
    -pet seek, ask petition, repeat
    -petal seeking centripetal
    -pexy fixation  
    -phage eating, devouring bacteriophage
    -phagous eating, feeding in, devouring hylophagous
    -phagy eating anthropophagy
    -phan show diaphanous, cellophane
    -phane resemblance, shining or transparent cymophane, hydrophane
    -phany appearnace, manifestation  
    -phasia referring to speech disorders aphasia
    -phile loving, friendly, lover, friend anglophile
    -philia abnormal liking or tending toward hemophilia, necrophilia
    --phobia fear, dread acrophobia, hydrophobia
    -phone sound telephone, megaphone
    -phore bearer gonophore
    -phrenia mental disorder schizophrenia
    -phyceae seaweed schizophyceae
    -phyllous having leaves, leaved diphyllous, monophyllous
    -plasia plasmic growth phypoplasia
    -plasm something formed or molded protoplasm
    -plast formed, molded protoplast
    -plasty formation dermoplasty, neoplasty
    -plegia forms of paralysis paraplegia
    -pod foot, footed chiropody, tripod
    -podium footlike pseudopodium
    -poiesis production hermatopoiesis
    -poietric producing menatopoietic
    -polis city metropolis, Annapolis
    -pon place, put postpone
    -pos place, put oppose
    -pter wing, feather hymenopter
    -pterous winged dipterous
    -puls urge, drive expulsion
    -pygia buttocks, pertaining to callipygian, steatopygia
    -rel a diminutive or pejorative force wastrel
    -rrhagia bursting forth pronchorrhagia
    -rrhaphy suture herniorrhaphy
    -rrhea flow, discharge gonorrhea
    -rrhexis rupture  
    -rrhiza root mycorrhiza
    -scope see microscope
    -sect cut intersect, section
    -secut follow persecute
    -sepolous one of the individual leaves or parts of the calyx of a flower polysepalous
    -ship state or quality, art of skill courtship, partnership
    -sis used to form abstract nounw of action, process, state, etc thesis, aphesis
    -soma body schiscosoma
    -some like or same bothersome, quarrelsome
    -sonous sound dissonous
    -soph wise philosopher, sophistry
    -sophy science of anthroposophy
    -sphjere layer hemisphere, planisphere
    -stat standing, stationary, set thermostat, rheostat
    -ster (mas) one who acts teamster
    -stichous referring to rows distichous
    -stome mouth, mouthlike cyclostome
    -stomous mouth, mouthlike monostomous
    -stomy mouth, mouthlike cystostomy
    -stress (fem) one who acts songstress
    -taxy arrangement, order heterotaxy
    -tect cover protect
    -the god atheist, pantheism
    -therm heat, hot isotherm
    -thermy heat diathermy
    -tome cutting microtome
    -tomous a cut or division of a certain kind dichotomous
    -tomy a cutting appendectomy
    -tort to twist distort, extort
    -tract draw, draw from, pull extract, tractor
    -trix one who acts in the manner of aviatrix
    -tron an instrument cyclotron
    -trope turning heliotrope
    -trophy nourishment or growth hypertrophy
    -try art or profession of, state or quality forestry, ministry
    -tude art or profession of, state or quality platitude, aptitude
    -ty condition, state or degree of gratuity, plenty
    -ule diminutive force globule, granule
    -ulent abounding in fraudulent
    -ulose characterized by, abounding in granulose, credulose
    -ure act or process, result of adventure, tenure
    -uret combine or impregnate with carburet
    -urgy work dramaturgy, metallurgy
    -uria urine dysuria
    -valent having worth or value, or valence quadrivalent
    -ven come convene
    -vent come convention
    -vince conquer convince
    -vore eating carnivore
    -vorous eating carnivorous, herbivorous



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