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Worsham and Washam Family History Addenda

By Dorothy G. Tuttle & Larry E. Washam

Pages 1-23

(Page numbers relate to pages in  the Worsham and Washam Family History)

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Page v

Darryl Rowlett, in "Rowlett: The First 225 Years", quotes a Mrs. Jefferson Davis Rowlett of Murrays, Kentucky, who several decades ago, stated that Worsham's history goes back to the "illustrious DeVere family" of England, which was connected to most of the Barons of Runnemede and other royal lines.


(Pages 1 - 28) William Worsham, Sr. b bef 1619, probably in England. The first record of William Worsham in Virginia was a patent for William & George Worsnam for 400 acres of land in Henrico Co., VA dated 15 Feb 1652. Two hundred acres was part of a patent which William Worsnam purchased in 1640 from Seth Ward and two hundred acres was for transporting four persons. George was probably William's brother. William married Elizabeth by 1646.
Some researchers believed her maiden name was Littlebury because this name appears as a given name among some of her descendants. The Littlebury name could have come from the Eppes family since she and her second husband named a son, Littlebury Epes. William died before 1661 and George died before 6 Jun 1666. On that date John Wilson patented 100 acres of land which was on the North side of Appomattox along a fence which line parted said Wilson and the orphans of George & William Worsham. After William died his wife, Elizabeth married Col. Francis Eppes II of Henrico Co., VA about 1661. Elizabeth Worsham Eppes made a will with a codicil and both were recorded in Henrico Co., VA Oct 1678. In her will, she named her daughter, Elizabeth Kennon; her granddaughter, Mary Kennon; daughter, Mary Worsham; daughter, Mary Epes; son, John Worsham; son, Charles Worsham. In the codicil she states she is Elizabeth Epes, widow & relict of Col. Frances Epes of Henrico Co. She also mentions former husband Wm. Worsham, dec'd. This time she names her Epes children: William, Littleberry & Mary Epes.
William & Elizabeth children:

1. William Worsham, Jr. b abt 1647. He died before 1678 as he is not listed in his mother's will. The age of William is established by a deposition on 3 Jun 1665 when he was 18 years of age.
2. Elizabeth Worsham b abt 1651 md Richard Kennon about 1673 in Henrico Co., VA. Elizabeth died in 1743 leaving a will dated 4 May 1743. Richard was a well known merchant and lawyer. He was also an extensive land owner in Henrico Co., VA. One daughter Mary, md John Bolling a descendant of John Rolfe & Pocahontas. The Bolling descendants lived in Henrico & Chesterfield Counties. Their daughter, Elizabeth md Joseph Royall & lived in Henrico Co. Their daughter, Judith md Thomas Eldridge and lived in Henrico Co. & Surry Co., VA. U. S. President George Bush descends from the Kennon family.
3. John Worsham b abt 1653 md Phebe. (See their Chapter from pp 35-65)
4. Mary Worsham b abt 1657 Henrico Co., VA md Richard Ligon in 1679. Ligon descendants lived in Henrico Co., VA, Cumberland Co., VA , Prince Edward Co., VA. & NC.
5. Charles Worsham b abt 1658 md Mary Beville abt 1685. Charles died before 2 Jun 1712 when an inventory of his estate was presented by his sister, Elizabeth Kennon and appraised by George Worsham. Children: William Worsham who probably md Dorcas; Essex who md Ann, two daughters that we do not know what their names are; & another son who could either be Charles or Francis Worsham. After Charles died, Mary was involved in a court case and in her deposition she stated she had 3 sons & 2 daughters. Charles & Mary descendants in Henrico Co., VA; Prince George Co., VA., Brunswick Co., VA, Chesterfield Co., VA. A separate chapter is written on Charles & Elizabeth Worsham (Page 297) & Francis Worsham (Page 563) Either one could be their son. Separate chapters are also written on their descendant Henry Worsham who md Agnes Gibbs (Page 250) and John Worsham who md Dicey Worsham. (Page 354)

Page 23
Sarah Worsham.  Several researchers have claimed that Sarah Worsham is a d/o William Worsham & Elizabeth, however, no proof has been found.  Abraham Womack is said to have been married to Sarah Worsham and had a son Abraham Womack. Several Womack family researchers have asked if there was any documentation that Abraham was md Sarah Worsham. To date, no one has supplied documentation to support this theory.
According to Wayne Calk, Stoutland, MO records, Abraham is in some records as Abram. Wayne's sources: Valentine Papers; He lived near N. Swift Creek; Fm Carl Womack. Wayne showed on a Family Group Record that Abraham Womack was md to Sarah Worsham dau of Capt. John Worsham, Jr.  who was b abt 1655 and Sarah Worsham b abt 1644.  (According to Dorothy Tuttle, this is not possible if her father was b abt 1655.  Sarah was not mentioned in the will of John Worsham nor was she mentioned in the 1678 will of Elizabeth Eppes who was the mother of John Worsham.  Elizabeth was 1st married to William Worsham & 2nd Francis Eppes.)
There was a book on the Womack family at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake City by C. W. Womack.  Mr. Womack wrote that "Abraham's wife, Sarah was possibly Sarah Sumercales.  Mr. Womack did not have documentation & wrote that Abraham & Sarah had the following children:  1. Jane Womack b 1662 md Henry Pew, Jr. abt 1680 & d bef Nov 1732.  2.  Thomas Womack b abt 1664 md Mary & d abt 24 Mar 1732.  3.  Abraham Womack, Jr. b abt 1666 Bristol Parish, Henrico, VA md Jane & d bef Apr 1744.  4.  Martha Womack b abt 1675 Henrico Co., VA md John Mosby 22 Nov 1708 & d 1733.  It could be that Martha md 1) James Hambleton."
(Roger G. Womack wrote in Womack Genealogical Network, 1998 that Sarah Sumercales did not come to America until 1691; therefore, she could not have been the mother of Abraham's children)  WGN can be found at
Lynn Collis had a post on Womack GenForum dated 17 Aug 2000 regarding the possibility that William Womack was the father of Abraham, William Jr., Richard John, Thomas & Mary. Lynn stated that Abe Womack & Wm Clarke had a difference in 1674 about the est of Wm Womack dec'd.  It was ordered that the sd Abraham Womack, bro to sd Wm Womack have 2/3 of estate both real & Personal, and the wid have the other part.  8 Apr 1674.  On 1 Oct 1677 An acct of cattle bel to the orphans of William Womack dec'd presented by Timothy Allen Sr. Mary Womack & Thomas Womack & again on 1 Aug 1678 Acct of cattle of Mary & Thomas Womack by Timothy Allen. Lynn Collis stated, "This seems to imply that William Jr. died without issue.  His brother is his heir, not any children.  For this reason I do believe that the William, whose orphans, Thomas and Mary were left in the guardianship of Timothy Allen, was the possible father of them all.  As for the name of his wife, or wives, I have no idea.  Timothy Allen, guardian to his youngest children, may have been their grandfather, or he may have been a second husband to William's widow."
The first record that Dorothy Tuttle has recorded linking Abraham Womack to the Worsham family was when John Worsham was a member of the Grand Jury for the years 1677 & 1678 and made a report on 14 Aug 1678 that Abraham Womack was drunk by his own confession. (Henrico Co., VA Colonial Record Bk 1, Wills & Deeds 1677-1682, p 70)
In 1679 Abraham Womack is on the Henrico Co. Tithables:  Ann McDonald posted a message to WGN Message Page ( stating she saw an abstract of the tithables list from Henrico Records Nov. 1677-Dec 1692, p 79 June court 1679 lists in Bermuda Hundred "at Mrs. Isham's 6; Turkey Island Capt. William Randolph 5; Curles; Robert Woodson 5, John Woodson Sr 3, John Woodson Jr 2; Mr. John Pleasants 13; Abraham Womacks 2. 
In 1689 Abraham Womack pet the court declaring that being possesed of a parcell of land he has been stopped from ascertaining the bounds of sd land by William Clarke & Edward Stratton who bound upon him.  The sd William Clarke pet at the same time in the presence of sd Stratton, saying that he is uncertain of his right till the sd Womack's land which is unbounded be laid out which the sd Womack refuses to do.  It is ordered that Womack and Clarke, at their own expense, have the land surveyed before the next court. 1 Oct.
1689-In the difference bet William Clarke & Abraham Womack concerning bounds of their land, the sd Womack says that Mr. Minge has all his papers and requests a cont. 2 Dec.
1689/90-The pets of William Clarke & Abraham Womack concerning the bounds of their lands are referred to next court; Womack has already surveyed his land & Clarke is to survey his next week, 1 Feb.
1690-Agree:  William Clark, Abraham Womack, about bounds of their lands, adj Gilbert Elam & Thomas Shipy, wit: William Randolph & Littleberry Epoes, 30 May-1 Aug.


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